Or can you? Let’s see if you qualify. Are you intelligent? Do you have a degree, Masters, Doctorate? Maybe you don’t have to go that far, just common sense might do. Can you process the information on this website? The history? Do you believe you are spiritual? Have you separated your ego from your spiritual self/energy and taken your ego out of control and replaced it with your spiritual truth/energy? If not, you’re going to have a hard time with this website and you’re probably going to tell me where to go. And I won’t argue with you. Religion has destroyed your mind and you only have a few years left to live. The coming Apocalypse is going to take you down and no human can stop that. But you can by getting out of its way by leaving planet Earth, by flying out of here on the Anunnaki space ships. Who are the Anunnaki? They’re our ancestors. Came here over 500,000 years ago looking for gold, found it and stayed around to mine it. Then the Anunnaki Scientist, Enki created humans to help. And then the dumb humans created religions to worship the Anunnaki as Gods. Well, that didn’t work out so good because religions were created by egos and egos were created to attack and defend. So religious egos are always fighting each other. And that destroyed the peaceful paradise the highly spiritual fourth dimensional Anunnaki were enjoying. Enki tried to teach his humans their spiritual truth, but they didn’t understand what spiritual/atomic energy was, much less that it was inside them. So the fighting continued, just like today. Then the Anunnaki decided the humans had to go, but how? The Anunnaki were too spiritual to kill, just like today. An answer appeared when they saw that their home planet, pushing a massive gravity wave, was approaching and would cause an Apocalypse on Earth and killing all the humans, just like it will today. But Enki, believing Noah and his family to be the most righteous of all his humans told him to build the Ark and save them and the animals from the Garden of Eden to start over. But Noah and his family were religious and not spiritually intelligent and religions returned and so did the fighting.

Well, that isn’t going to happen this time. There will be no religious people on Earth after this coming Apocalypse. Only spiritual intelligent people. How do you become spiritually intelligent? Have you understood everything so far? Okay, the first thing you must do is get all religious beliefs out of your life and begin believing you are a spiritual being and you were born with your spiritual self/energy (atomic energy) into your body. Here’s where the intelligence starts. You have to know a little about physics, spiritual physics. I made it as simple as I could in GOD’S STORY. Religious people won’t give up their phony religious beliefs and this is the Anunnakis fail safe block to keep them off of their space ships. The Anunnaki will give every spiritually intelligent human an element 115 breadcake that will intensify their spiritual energy to its highest level so they will be able to fly through the dimensions (Revelations 2: 17). If a religious human does happen to sneak aboard he/she will burn up. That’s the fail safe. There will never be a religion on Earth again.

That’s the TRUTH. Can you handle it? Better get busy. Read GOD’S STORY.


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