It’s about YOU. It’s about how to solve all your problems and save you and yours from the coming Apocalypse. It’s about proving to you that there are no Gods and how  to get back to believing in your true spiritual self the one that was born into your body in your beginning. It’s a true story that our CREATOR, ENKI wanted me to tell you.

It began early the morning of 12/19/1982. I’d been awaken by a phone call from a friend wanting to know if I knew why her boyfriend was treating her the way he was. I listened to all their problems they were having and they sounded like the ones all relationships have, at least they did in mine. And they got worse after I got married and divorced twice. I hung up and lay back in my bed and began to meditate about the problems in my relationships. I came up with no answers and whispered out loud, “If I knew the differences between love and true love I could solve all the problems in the world”.

A sudden flash of light and my spiritual self was out of my body and facing this big glowing being. Then I became aware that I was also glowing. Never felt that great in a long time. I asked him if I had died and he was God and he said, “No, there’s no such being as God. I am your Creator, and the answer to your request is there in your bed. Your ego, still in your body can only know an ego created love.” I looked to see my body, still in my bed. “But your true spiritual self is here with me. It is your true love spiritual love from the universe. All humans’ problems are brought on by their egos and their differences between all the other egos on planet Earth. Come, I’ll show you why that is.” And we were off on a trip back in time.

He introduced himself as Enki, the Anunnaki Scientist. We quickly went back in time and we saw the Anunnaki coming to Earth 500,000 years ago in search of gold, finding it and began mining it. Then the Anunnaki miners quitting and Enki creating the first hybrid Neanderthals from his sperm, the egg of a female primate and his sister’s womb to replace the Anunnaki miners. Then Enki talking some Anunnaki women into using their wombs to create more human workers. Anu, Enki’s father was excited about Enki’s experiment and took some of the humans to work in the Garden of Eden, telling Enki not to ever give his humans the right to procreate or the Anunnaki’s earthly paradise would be destroyed. Enki promised, but then the Anunnaki women tired of birthing and quit. Enki needed more humans and breaking his promise to his father, went to the Garden, fixed the female humans and got them pregnant. When Anu saw the pregnant human women he kicked all the humans out of the Garden.

The Anunnaki didn’t like it, but they had to live with what Enki had done. They knew the humans with their fear, hatred and violent egos would destroy Earth. Enki needed his new producing humans and he taught them how to cope on their own in the wilds of Earth. He showed them how to find gold and give it to the Anunnaki to get back in their good graces. The Anunnaki let up on their harassing and tolerated the humans. This was the beginning of the leaders of the humans believing the fourth dimensional powers of the Anunnaki made them Gods and the gold as offerings their leaders presented to the Anunnaki. Their beliefs were eventually called “religion” and the so called religious leaders made up the rules. When the Anunnaki had an atomic war between themselves and left Earth the religious leaders kept the gold offerings for themselves, as they do today, saying the Gods are in Heaven when actually the Anunnaki are back on their planet.

“The third dimensional humans had no knowledge of their spiritual truth, little as it was,” Enki said, “they only knew the fears, hatred and violence created in their egos, just like the humans of today. They had very little intelligence. I tried to teach them the difference, ego vs. spirit, but with their tiny brains they couldn’t conceive of a universe, energy, atoms and the atomic energy that made up their spiritual self. This is what you needed to see, where all the turmoil on Earth began.

“The different religions, the main one being Muslim, began to act on their egos’ fears, hatred and violence and went to war to prove their devotion to their Gods. Peace on Earth was shattered. We had to do something, but since we Anunnaki are too spiritual to kill—we saw there was an Apocalypse coming and we’d let it do the killing for us. But unfortunately I thought Noah and his family were the ‘most righteous’ and told him to build the Ark. My reason, I wanted to keep a spiritual third dimension DNA on Earth. But you know the story, Noah wasn’t as spiritual as I thought and religions returned.

“Now we see the problem coming around again—the tiny mentally-ill brained religious ego humans over-running Earth, fighting and killing each other. Since the Anunnaki Council held me responsible for returning religions to Earth, they want me to stay out of the way of the coming Apocalypse. But I still want our spiritual third dimensional DNA on Earth. I tried it with Moses, but he didn’t understand my spiritual teachings. Then I decided to have a son with a human mother and teach him the spiritually intelligent message. Jesus learned my message, taught it and got some followers. Then religious leaders didn’t like him telling people the spiritual message was free and had the Romans have him murdered. Then I tried channeling the teachings of the difference between the ego and spirit to a Helen Schucman who wrote them down in a book titled, A Course In Miracles. But as religious as was she left in references to their phony religious God and her teachings didn’t work. But it did make people aware of their spiritual intelligence. And that was good, but not good enough for what I needed.

“For the spiritual intelligent to escape the coming Apocalypse by leaving Earth on our ships, they must eliminate their ego’s control and replace it with their spiritual truth/energy then intensify it’s energy so they will be accepted to fly on the Anunnaki ships safely through the higher dimensions and survive the devastation of the Apocalypse. I took the Apostle John to see the Apocalypse and had him write what he saw in the book of Revelation. Chapter 1 is about taking the spiritual message to the churches. Chapter 2: 17 is about how the accepted spiritual intelligent will be given a new name, a breadcake of element 115 that will allow them to fly through the dimensions.

“What I need you to do is write a book, a novel, telling all the history that you’ve seen, with characters intensifying their energy so they can fly the dimensions on an Anunnaki ship and survive the coming Apocalypse.”

I said, “I’ve never written a novel, or anything. I’m an illustrator.”

“You still will be while you learn to write and find the research, all the things to prove what you have just witnessed. And you’ll write the movie of the novel. And when they’re ready I’ll come back and put them in the hands of those who will do them.”

And with that he was gone and I was back in my body in my bedroom wondering what just happened and dealing with my ego saying it didn’t. But things began to happen that led me to the information I needed to write the book, several books and their movie scripts, even being in movies. Thirty years passed, but I finally had the novel and its script that Enki said was good enough. Then we had to come up with a title. I wanted to call it “Enki’s Story”. He said no one knows who Enki is. Humans know me as a God, so call it “God’s Story”.

So, that’s what it’s all about: getting humans to know their true history of humanity so they will know where they came from and how they got so messed up, be spiritually intelligent, and know the difference between their ego and spiritual self and know where each came from, spiritual self from the universe, ego from their parents, and how to intensify their spiritual self so they will be accepted to fly in an Anunnaki ship and survive the Apocalypse.


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