SHOCKED?! All religious should be, but this is what I was told right up front when our Creator, the Anunnaki Enki, appeared in my bedroom that December morning in ’82. My ego would have been shocked—and frightened, but my ego was still in my body and my spiritual self was out of my body, facing Enki and he was telling me the answer to what I was pondering—the difference between love and true love…the difference between ego and spirit.

“Did I just die—and you’re God?”

“No,” he said. “and I’m not ‘God’. Don’t call me that. That’s what religions call me.”

And then he said he was taking me on a trip back in time to show me why that was. And we were off on the greatest adventure any human could ever have—to experience the true history of humanity. (The complete trip is in my novel and I won’t repeat it here.)

A synopsis of what Enki wanted me to experience was the Anunnaki coming to Earth in search of gold, finding it and mining it. He wanted me to see how he created the first hybrid Neanderthal humans to be miners and workers in the fields and homes. And his father, Anu, telling him never to give his humans the right to procreate or they would have the same problem on Earth as they had on their home planet back in Regal. But he broke his promise to his father when he had a need for more humans. He went to his lab in the Garden of Eden, fixed the Eves working there and got them pregnant. Anu found out and kicked them out hoping they wouldn’t survive, but they did by finding gold and bartering with the Anunnaki to stop harassing them. And so religions began on Earth by the humans bringing offerings to the Gods. That’s what the humans thought the Anunnaki were, because of their fourth dimensional powers. And this is what Enki wanted to clear up right up front…the Anunnaki are not Gods. Humans believe that God created the universe and the Anunnaki certainly didn’t do that. Coming from a fourth dimensional star system planet they have a fourth dimensional spiritual energy and on a third dimensional planet in a third dimensional star system they can do incredible things with their superior energy. And that would appear to the stupid human’s egos to be god-like, that is whatever a god does. Who knows where they got the word God?

Enki felt responsible for the dumb humans he had created and tried to explain their spiritual reality to them, but they couldn’t understand atomic energy or spiritual physics. They only understood their ego fears and they began to fight amongst them selves. Their religions were destroying Earth and the Anunnaki knew they had to get rid of all humans, but they were TOO SPIRITUAL TO KILL. But they saw an Apocalypse was coming and that would do it and they would come back and begin again. They didn’t know Enki wanted to save the most righteous of his humans, Noah and his family and told them to build an Ark. They did and survived the Apocalypse and so did religions…and now we have the religious mess we have today. BUT there is another Apocalypse coming and Enki has shown the Anunnaki Council that there are now spiritual intelligent humans on Earth because of a book he had channeled, A COURSE IN MIRACLES, and a book he had gotten me to write, GOD’S STORY, showing what the spiritual intelligent humans must do to ready themselves to travel the dimensions on the Anunnaki ships. So, if you can’t pass the test of spirituality you can’t get on the ships and you stay and die with all the other religious humans in the Apocalypse.

When I finished writing GOD’S STORY I had a discussion with Enki on what the title should be. Since it was Enki’s story on how to regain our spirituality I suggested it should be ENKI’S STORY. Enki said that no one knows him, but they do know him as God, so it should be GOD’S STORY. That’s how it became God proving that THERE IS NO GOD. And since THERE IS NO GOD there shouldn’t be any religions, but there are, because religions are not about God, they’re about MONEY…which they don’t pay taxes. Religions tell their people to pray to their God for good things—like more income so you can pledge 10 percent of it every year to the church so they can have a bigger church to hold more people which they want you to recruit. Religion is a BIG business and their product is their false God and they want you to invest your money in…them, but you get nothing in return.

All wars on Earth are religious wars. They go all the way back to outside the Garden of Eden when reproducing humans got kicked out and had to appease the Anunnaki to survive. Take the insane religious wars in the Mid East of today. The U.S. and our allies can’t kill them all, they keep coming and vicious as ever. The U.S. and their allies are bombing the wrong things like…military targets and supply depots, when they should be bombing the religious sites and killing their insane religious leaders. And when they get through with that they should go destroy the Vatican and then come to all the other countries and destroy their religious kingdoms and leaders. Then there will be no more wars. Sound radical? But that’s the way it should be, because religions won’t listen to the truth of humanity’s history…that THERE IS NO GOD!!! Whenever a religious leader talks about God, he/she is lying to you.  And since THERE IS NO GOD then THERE IS NO DEVIL —THERE IS NO HEAVEN and THERE IS NO HELL. And once you believe that you take away all religions’ fear tools and it is easy to get rid of your ego fears and get back to your truth in spiritual energy.

But there has to be a God. Right? Some being that started all this? When you know the true history of humanity you’ll know it goes way back before us and we have to say God is energy. We all have spiritual energy in us. That’s our reality…and our God. We’re all God and we can handle our own lives, once we get our ego fears cleared out. But you say you still like to go to church? You still can, just get your ministers to start teaching the truth, that we’re all spiritual beings and help you identify your ego fears and get them out of your lives. Just remember THERE IS NO GOD, just your spiritual energy.

Read my novel GOD’S STORY. It will help you understand who you are and how to get your spiritual reality back.

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