The movie “LEFT BEHIND”

Maybe most of you read the reviews and maybe some of you took a chance and saw it. I read some of the book when it first came out several years ago and I couldn’t see why anyone would make a movie of that story. Then I thought how dumb producers are and how they can be talked into doing a movie that will make a lot of MONEY and knowing how gullible religious people are, they had the ir audience. The story in LEFT BEHIND has to do with the Apocalypse and when it hits all the humans who have done good all their earthly lives will rise up in great “rapture” to their rewards in Heaven and all those who have done bad will be LEFT BEHIND to die a horrible death.

Well, those two guys who wrote the book got it all wrong. Why? They didn’t know the true history of humanity, which started way, way, back some 250,000 years before the Bible was written. They didn’t know that our Creators, the Anunnaki, used the Noah Apocalypse to get rid of all the religious humans on Earth, but Enki save Noah’s family because he thought they were the “most righteous” of his humans, meaning they were pretty close to being “spiritual” and he wanted them to restart a spiritual human race. But the Noahs proved to be religious so religions returned to Earth and that’s why we have the religious ego fear crap of today destroying peace on Earth. But don’t despair—-

There is another Apocalypse coming, soon, and all the religious humans will die, but this time around there are spiritually intelligent humans on Earth due to Enki channeling the book, A COURSE IN MIRACLES, which teaches humans how to separate their ego fears from their spiritual reality/energy.  So now, Enki has something to work with and that’s why he came to me, took me on an out of body trip to see the true history of humanity and asked me to write the novel, GOD’S STORY, to show the spiritually intelligent how to intensify their spiritual energy to a level that when they are given the breadcake laced with element 115 (Revelation 2: 17) they will be able to travel through the dimensions on the Anunnaki ships to their planet, Nibiru, and return to begin a spiritual society on the New Earth…minus all the religious crap.

You can see how the authors of LEFT BEHIND got it wrong, they went with the religious version. When it comes to being LEFT BEHIND they are talking about themselves, the religious. They’re not going to be vanishing, rising up in rapture (that isn’t even logical), they’re going to be dying. And as they’re dying they’re going to be watching the spiritual, us, rising up in joyous rapture, in the Anunnaki space ships, waving goodbye.

Is it any wonder why publishers and producers wouldn’t publish and produce GOD’S STORY? All of them are members of some religious sect and have a hard time with the truth. I tried to tell them the true version the first time they produced LEFT BEHIND,  as you’ve read above, but they didn’t believe me. And here it is they’ve made a remake of the same religious crap. They’re going to be LEFT BEHIND with all the religious praying to their non-existing God to save them. There is no way a religious human will escape the Apocalypse.

Tell your family and friends to read this website and GOD’S STORY. GOD’S STORY can be purchased at B&N bookstore.


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