The Movies “LEFT BEHIND”, “SAN ANDREA” and “2012”.

These are the movies about the coming of the APOCALYPSE. “LEFT BEHIND”, People suddenly leaving Earth. In the Bible the happening was called ‘THE RAPTURE”. Two stories about the same thing.

In the Bible, REVELATION 2: 17 says: Every one who is victorious (has intensified their spiritual energy to its highest level) shall eat of the hidden manna, the secret nourishment, I will give to each a white stone and on the stone will be engraved a new name that no one else knows except the one receiving it. Your new name will be used on the new planet and on your return to Earth. You will also receive a bread cake with the element 115 baked inside. If you have intensified your spiritual energy to the height to be chosen the 115 will heighten it so you will be chosen to fly on the Anunnaki ships.

Those who wrote the book, “LEFT BEHIND”, got it all wrong. It was the religious version. They didn’t know the true history of humanity, which started way, way, back some 250,000 years before the Bible was written. They didn’t know that our Creators, the Anunnaki, used the Noah Apocalypse to get rid of all the religious humans on Earth. Enki had been teaching his humans about their spiritual intelligence. He wanted to save the Noah family because he thought they were the “most righteous” of his humans, meaning they were pretty close to being “spiritual” and he wanted them to restart a spiritual human race. told Noah to build the Ark. But the Noahs proved to be religious. When the Anunnaki returned to Earth they wanted to kill the Noahs, but being spiritual they couldn’t kill. And that’s why we have the religious egos on Earth today.

There is another Apocalypse coming. Its leading edge is already here, been here for the past several years. (Note the disasters getting greater and closer together) And all the religious humans will die. But this time around there are spiritually intelligent humans on Earth due to Enki channeling the book, “A COURSE IN MIRACLES”, which teaches humans how to separate their ego fears from their spiritual reality/energy.  So now, Enki has something to work with and that’s why he came to me, took me on an out of body trip to see the true history of humanity and asked me to write my novel, GOD’S STORY, to show the spiritually intelligent how to intensify their spiritual energy to a level that when they are given the breadcake laced with element 115 they will be able to travel through the dimensions on the Anunnaki ships to their planet, Nibiru, and return to begin a spiritual society on the New Earth.

And that’s the true spiritual story behind “LEFT BEHIND”. Not the religious version where “God” took the selected ones to Heaven.

The movie “SAN ANDREAS” caught me by surprise. It is exactly what is going to happen soon, maybe this year maybe next year. The movie is about the San Andreas Fault going down and taking everything west of it down and into the Pacific Ocean. The SF guys did a terrific job. I don’t see how they do that and not having the real thing happening around them. So if you want to see the real thing happening without it happening in real, see this movie, never mind what the actors are doing.

Another movie you’ve probably seen several times is “2012”. I wrote the second version of “GOD’S STORY” before 2012 and put that date in it so the readers could relate. I don’t know the exact date so I took it out of the rewrite. Again, the first time I saw this movie I was shocked by the SFs. Enki had taken me to see the Apocalypse and the first 35 minutes was surprisingly right on. The rest of the movie is Hollywood action…there will be no 3 big ships saving the people.

Just stick with the novel and movie version of “GOD’S STORY” and you’re sure to get out of here before the Apocalypse hits.

“GOD’S STORY” can be bought at Amazon or ordered at any bookstore. Any questions or comments I will answer when you send in your COMMENTS.

Hope we meet on an Anunnaki ship out of here.




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