Can’t say I wasn’t forewarned. After my second divorce I paid a visit to a psychic to see if my cards said I would marry again, or what my future held. They said I would probably marry, but they also said I would be doing something else that had fame and fortune all around it. I asked what that could possibly be, I’d been an artist/illustrator all my life and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I asked when would this happen and she said the cards said soon. I told my friends and some suggested I could get timing from an astrologer. The recommended astrologer’s cards said the same thing about the fame and fortune, but my charts said whatever it was would happen sometime after October ’82. It happened in December ’82 when Enki showed up in my bedroom, took my spiritual self/energy out of my body and we went on a trip back in time to see what he wanted me to experience and write about.

The details of the trip and Enki asking me to write the book are told in God’s Story. I told the psychic and astrologer what had happened and what I had seen and writing the book would be the change in career. Told them I didn’t know where to begin. The psychic said the separation of ego and spirit sounded like the book A Course In Miracles and that would be a good place to begin. She loaned me her copy. I returned it two days later. She was amazed. “I’ve been reading it for months and I’m not even half way through.” “It was easy,” I said. “It was everything I saw.”

The tough part was yet to come. I had to learn how to write a novel. One of my friends happened to be a high school creative writing teacher. I began my research with all the metaphysical/spiritual books and joined a couple of UFO Clubs, at the same time trying to put together a story. My friend read my attempts and told me I should read some books on writing and some novels for style. I did and the rewrites became better. I got a directory of literary agents, put together a proposal and query letter and began sending them out. The few responses were all negative. The title was The Separation…separation of ego and spirit. Friends said it sounded too much like a love story separation. I changed the title to The Knowing…knowing your  spiritual self/energy, knowing spiritual truth.

I was still doing my illustration work, for the money, but felt myself losing interest as I spent more and more time with the writing. Plus I had my three children living with me. I was balancing a lot, but finally got a rough draft of the book. Then Enki stepped in again with another demand…he wanted me to write the movie. I found books on how to write movies and began turning my draft into a movie. I went to seminars, workshops and read copies of professional’s screenplays. My script took on a professional look and I entered it in contests sent queries to agents. All responses were negative. I had an idea that I need to see how movies are made. There were movies being made in town and I signed up for the call for extras. I got on the sets of many movies and observed, read their scripts and watched the directors and actors. My scripts got better and I applied the cinematic formula to my book and the writing and structure got much better. As a result of my contact with movie people I ended up acting in 17 movies and had some speaking parts. Having fun and learning wasn’t making money and I went broke. My son supported us with his job. I told Enki if he wanted me to keep writing he needed to find me ways to get money. Graphic computers had taken over the illustration business. It was amazing how the money began coming in, but that’s a whole other story.

My queries began to be noticed by producers. One at Paramount wanted to see the script. Then others. They were attracted to plots about Area 51 and JFK. Oliver Stone and Kevin Costner wanted to see my script to see what I knew about JFK’s assassination. Then the producer at Paramount called and offered me big money for an option on my script. She called back later and said Paramount (Brandon Tartikoff) couldn’t clear my script with the government. Seems as if the government has to okay all scripts that have anything to with government operations. That was the first time I’d heard that, so I guess none of scripts would ever be produced.

The summer of ’90 I saw a white paper Zecharia Sitchin had presented at a MUFON symposium on the information in his books. All of them were about the Anunnaki. They were all about what I already knew. I wrote him and sent a script. He sent it back, saying he couldn’t read anything about what he was writing.

Spring of ’93 a small time publisher asked to see The Knowing’s manuscript. I sent it and a week later she sent me a publishing contract. I was excited, I was about to be published. Several months later she sent me the galleys. I corrected them and sent them back. She asked me to do a full color cover. By ’96 she sent copies of The Knowing. She hadn’t bothered to apply my corrections in the galleys. The production was a mess, even the pages were coming unglued.

 Spielberg and The Knowing

By December of ’96 a friend in LA, who had read The Knowing and its script, called and said it was something Stephen Spielberg would be interested in, the alien connection. He said he didn’t live far from Amblin and he would like to take them to Spielberg. I said I had queried him several years ago, but go ahead. He called me back in a couple of weeks and said, “They loved the story, but they have their own writers.” I said, “What? The book and script are copyrighted.” I forgot about it until a couple of years later when I saw Spielberg’s ten part series Taken for the SyFy Channel. He had “borrowed” three plots from The Knowing. Friends called saying I should sue. I told them I had no money. Then Enki said, “Forget about Spielberg. I knew he was going to steal from The Knowing, so I gave you all the wrong information. Now, you’re going rewrite The Knowing with all the right technical information.” A few months later I saw where one of Spielberg’s favorite writers had stolen one of The Knowing’s plot and written a spec script around it and sold it to Disney for $3 million. I sent Disney a copy of the pages in The Knowing where it was stolen. Disney killed the stolen story.

With Enki’s help and the right information I went to work rewriting The Knowing. When I finished Enki and I agreed it was perfect. Then we had to come up with a new title. I wanted to call it Enki’s Story, but Enki said no one knows who I am. But since everyone knows me as God, call it GOD’S STORY.

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