Surviving the coming Apocalypse


THE REVELATION was written by the Apostle John per instruction of our Creator, the Anunnaki Enki, whom he thought was God. It was about the Apocalypse of 2021. (Now that 2012 has passed and the Apocalypse didn’t happen, we’ll have to go with another date.) Enki, took John on an out-of-body trip to see the devastation with his own eyes.  John thought what he saw was a vision when he got back in his body, much like I did after Enki took me to see the Apocalypse. Enki asked John to write about what he saw, as he did me. John saw monsters, I saw earthquakes, floods, volcano eruptions, hurricanes, violent storms…the Earth’s surface coming apart. Before Enki took me to see the Apocalypse he had taken me to see the true history of humanity and the Noah Apocalypse was basically a rerun.

Not only does THE REVELATION tell about the horrible disaster of the coming Apocalypse, it also tells how to survive it. In the beginning (Chapter 1) John wrote, “If you read this prophecy aloud to the church, you will receive a special blessing from the Lord (Enki).” Then he wrote, “Those who listen to it being read and do what it says will also be blessed. For the time is near when these things will all come true.”  What is the message? It’s the knowing of our spiritual energy and to do that you must get rid of your ego fears, your ego control and that includes your false religious beliefs. That is the key to surviving the coming Apocalypse…the knowing your pure spiritual energy and increasing its intensity so you will be chosen to travel through the intense radiation of the fourth dimension on the Anunnaki ships. But first you must have the intense spiritual energy to be chosen by the Anunnaki (Read about it in Revelation 2: 17)

After performing one of his many miracles, those who witnessed it were praising him, Jesus said, “What you call me great? What I do ye can also do.” They didn’t understand, but what he was saying, If you knew of the power of your own spiritual energy, you could also perform miracles. That is the message Enki wanted read to the churches, “Put down the phony religious beliefs and return to the power of your spiritual energy you were born with”. Then Enki said, “Let everyone who can hear, listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches. Every one who is victorious shall eat of the hidden manna, the secret nourishment from Nibiru (the Anunnakis’ home planet), and I will give to each a white stone (the element 115), and on the stone will be engraved a new name that no one else knows except the one receiving it.”

What Enki is saying above is, all the spiritual intelligent who have turned away from religious beliefs, reconnected to their spiritual energy, their truth, and increased its intensity to its highest level so that level can be then further increased by eating the special manna from heaven (this is a breadcake mixed with the element 115 white power, which is the fuel used on the Anunnaki ships. Read about the details in the novel, GOD’S STORY). Then the spiritual intelligent will have a spiritual energy with the intensity acceptable to fly safely through the dimensional radiation on the Anunnaki ships. (Revelation 2: 17).

What follows thereafter in Revelation is John’s visionary description of the Apocalypse. What is not included is what caused the Apocalypse, which is described in the novel, GOD’S STORY. I got to see the cause when I witnessed the Noah Apocalypse on my trip with Enki and it will be the same.

Every 3600 years the Anunnaki’s planet, Nibiru, orbits through the Sun’s solar system between Mars and Jupiter. Nibiru is much larger than Jupiter and is pushing a powerful gravity wave. A gravity wave is something like a sonic boom that is pushed by jet planes when they dive, hit a strong G force, pull out and rake the ground with a gravity wave–sonic boom. We hear it before we feel its leading edge, then we get smacked with the back edge…BOOM.

Nibiru’s gravity wave’s force doesn’t hit Earth every time it orbits through the Sun’s solar system because Mars is in a position to block it, taking the hit. Mars wasn’t in a blocking position during the time of the Noah Apocalypse and Earth took the hit. Mars won’t be in its blocking position when Nibiru comes through this time and Earth will get a full hit from the gravity wave, which is going in the opposite rotation than Earth. Earth will be jolted. When it does this the Earth’s crust will come lose, slide and crumble, causing earthquakes and floods and the death of all living beings left on Earth.

In October of 1999 it was reported that two teams of astronomers, one at the Open University in Milton Keynes, England and one at University of Louisiana Lafayette while looking at the paths of 13 comets whose huge orbits bring them into this part of the solar system once every few million years or so saw that the comets’ paths showed a distorting pull. Each discovered that this distortion was being caused by a very huge dark planet that joined our solar planets long after our solar system was formed. Like a maverick planet that visits at extended intervals, just passing through. We know that Nibiru is a huge, dark, fourth dimensional planet that passes through out solar system every 3600 years. The two teams reported this dark planet, which they could not see, was pushing a tremendous gravity wave. They also reported this gravity wave was 3 trillion miles away and heading toward our solar system. Now if you had an astronomer with a physics background he might be able to calculate when it will arrive. It wasn’t 12/21/12, as some have predicted . There were no warning earthquakes on the Pacific Rim…there are now and they are getting bigger and closer together, a sure sign the Apocalypse is getting closer.

If you’re on Earth when the Apocalypse hits you will not survive. There will be nowhere to hide. You’ll die a horrible death. So do what Enki has told you through me, take your ego out of control by bringing your spiritual energy/truth back in control as it should be, increase its energy to a highest level as possible, which  will allow you to be chosen by the Anunnaki to take the element 115 manna and fly out of here–to Nibiru and return to start a new spiritual Earth. That’s the only way to survive and live on Planet Earth minus religions.

The story in GOD’S STORY is Enki returning to Earth to find those spiritual intelligent people who will help teach other spiritual intelligent people to also increase their spiritual energy. Enki takes them on a trip to see the Apocalypse to see if his experiment has worked. Works with the characters in the book and it will work with you, just follow the instructions they did.

GOD’S STORY can be ordered through Amazon and any bookstore.

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