Relationships are the most important elements in everyone’s lives. They are our connection to all the other humans on planet Earth through universal spiritual energy. Spiritual energy is our reality. We are born with it. It enters our body at birth. It takes over when the umbilical cord is cut and you’re on your own. Spiritual energy is a mass of atomic energy that contains all the knowledge of the universe. This mass of energy is YOU. And it will be YOU from lifetime to lifetime throughout eternity. It will never die. We know everything we need to know for our life on Earth. It has the radiation energy to kill all the diseases your parents might have transferred into your new body. But your parents can’t tell you this because their parents didn’t tell them this truth. Instead, they created an ego to cover your spiritual energy and screw up your life as their parents did them.

All we need to make our new life perfect is parents and family who are supposed to know their spiritual energy and to remind us of ours and how to use it. But 99.9% of humans aren’t born to spiritually intelligent parents. They were born to parents who had their egos programmed with the fearful egos of their parents and their parents before them. So we get our spiritual self/reality pushed aside and we get programmed with an up to date ego of all the fearful illusions of all our earthly ancestors. We forget our spiritual reality and join the society of our new ego’s environment with all its fears, hates and violence. Spiritual truth, not being recognized is pushed aside and our newly programmed ego takes over . But our true reality/spiritual energy is still there, waiting to be called into action to solve all your fearful ego’s problems, the biggest being mental health. I hope my novel and website will be able to help you recover your spiritual reality, because it is the key to a perfect life and relationships.

Perfect relationships come about by knowing the difference between ego fears and spiritual energy/truth in yourself and others. A reminder; spiritual energy is born into the body. It’s the energy (atoms straight from the universe) that keeps our bodies alive, well and healthy. Our new egos know something of spirituality by what we are told by religions, but religions were created by egos for their own purposes, control of humans by their phony God, and the truth of our spiritual self would be detrimental to their purposes. To know the truth of our spiritual self would mean removing the control of our ego fears and religious beliefs. The way religions teach spirituality: You ARE a body and you HAVE a spiritual energy. The way spirituality should be taught: You ARE spiritual energy and you HAVE a body for this lifetime.

No two egos are alike, even those programmed in the same family. All spiritual energies are alike, as they are created from the truth of universal energy (atoms). So in order to have perfect relationships ego fears have to be taken out of the equation. This can be done by studying A COURSE IN MIRACLES. The COURSE teaches knowing the difference and separation of ego fears and spiritual truth and how to deprogram ego fears. But the COURSE does not tell you that religions and its phony God must be eliminated to do that.

The Anunnaki Enki channeled the text of A COURSE IN MIRACLES to Helen Schucman who wrote it down. She had no idea what it all meant, she just wrote it down, a lot of it repetitive and out of context. Enki saw it was difficult to comprehend and he saw Helen had mixed in the phony religious God. He needed a book that would tell the truth of spirituality. That’s why he contacted me, took me on a trip back in time to experience the true history of humanity then asked me to write a novel that would be much easier to explain spiritual love connections absent ego fears. The title of my novel is GOD’S STORY. That’s the title Enki came up with. He said that religions know the Anunnaki as Gods. So why not say the truth is GOD’S STORY. Humans have no idea who the Anunnaki or Enki are. That’s why the true history of humanity is right up front in my novel.

In a search for a true love match you will never find it with two egos. As egos are created out of fears they will always be attacking and defending (fighting and arguing) and this is not stable ground for a true love match. Ego/ego relationships are all about the physical (sex) and not about true love and intelligence. True love is the matching of spiritually intelligent people who have eliminated ego fear, hatred and violence. It’s this matching of love and intelligence that keeps any relationship together and growing.

Ego/spiritual matches can be a smoother match than the ego/ego matches. One or the other believes they can change the other, usually the spiritual one will try to educate the ego one. This hardly ever works as an ego can not be changed, it has to be eliminated. It feels threatened, unworthy and will strongly resist all efforts. The only thing the spiritual partner can do is give suggestions and let the ego partners change themselves. If that doesn’t work then the ego and spiritual partners should part as soon as possible before one destroys the other as there is little to no true love in these relationships.

Being that there is no true love in the ego/ego and ego/spiritual relationships the SEX eventually becomes consensual rape and then nothing at all The excitement and desire vanishes quickly and a feeling of being violated takes over. As the raping continues in the relationship it gets tiresome and the partners begin looking around for the excitement of sex with another. The break-up occurs and the cycle continues with the new partner. Without love from the spiritual self sexual excitement soon vanishes. Ego fears win again. Time for the Viagra and more dull sex. Note: Psychiatry does not teach eliminating ego fears, but just changing them, but they will always be there.

Now spiritual/spiritual matches are the perfect true love matches. There is no conflict, they work out any differences in a spiritually intelligent way. Absent ego fears and religion there is no greater love than in a spiritual/spiritual relationship. One time I had a date say, “No one’s perfect.” I said, “Everyone’s perfect they just don’t know their spiritual truth, yet.” When the body dies the spiritual energy returns to the truth of the universal energy where it realizes that it has wasted another lifetime of not knowing how to release itself from its fearful ego that was programmed by other fearful egos.

An ego should never look for a relationship before he/she knows their spiritual reality/truth. Two people can really get hurt in an ego/ego relationship, mentally and physically.

In GOD’S STORY the reader gets to see how its characters find true love and much more. The book can be ordered through any bookstore.

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