A reader asked, “The Bible says that God created humans in his image, then why are there so many colors?” That’s a question easily answered. Did you read the true story of the creation? God didn’t create humans. Enki did. God is a figment of religion’s imagination. God is just a word and not a real being. Enki is real. Using his sperm and the egg of a female primate and his sister’s womb, Enki created the first human, a hybrid Neanderthal. Enki was the missing link between Homo erectus and Homo sapiens. So you see it takes a male sperm and a female egg to create a human. Bible says God took a handful of clay, blew into it and created Adam and then Eve from Adam’s rib. That’s crazy thinking…a lie. But religions believe and teach that lie. Humanity has a white father and a black mother, that’s reality. Any genealogist will tell you that all humanity has a black string in our DNA spiral and it will always be there. We can keep it down as long as whites mate with other whites.

Now about the colors, the mixing of the black and white. That didn’t happen until Enki gave the hybrid humans the right to reproduce by “fixing” the females in the Garden of Eden. His purpose was for them to produce more human workers. But his father, Anu, had told him never to do that because the humans, not knowing their spiritual truth would destroy the world with their stupidity, as it had happened on their home planet in the Regal Star System. Anu kicked the pregnant humans out of the Garden hoping they would not survive, but they did. And their stupidity created religions…and look what we have today. The mixing of white and black ran the scale of white colors from pinks,  beiges, tans,  browns, chocolates, the darker browns all the way to black. There can never be a pure white again, but there can be darker black, just this side of the maternal primate ape. Yes, this is the planet of the apes. All humans have that primate DNA.

When the human chaos got so bad the Anunnaki let the Noah Apocalypse rid Earth of all humans. Enki wanted to keep the human DNA on Earth so believing Noah and his family to be the “most righteous” of the humans he told Noah to build the Arc and they survived the Apocalypse. But Noah and family proved not to be spiritual and religions returned. Noah had 3 sons; Shem, Ham and Japheth. Japheth was closes to being black. Noah, Shem and Ham were different shades of brown. When the incident in Babylon of building the tower at Babel happened (the humans were building a gantry in hopes of attracting one of God’s space ships into landing there). The Anunnaki would have none of that and destroyed the tower and to prevent it from happening again scattered the humans across Earth’s lands and gave them different languages. Japheth’s people ended up in the African continent. Noah’s people, Shem’s people and Ham’s people were scattered to the north, south and east. All carrying different degrees of the black DNA string. The whitest of the tribes ended up in Europe, the closes to purest whites in the Scandinavian countries. Different shades of browns ended up in the Mid East and Far East. Browns ended up in the North and South Americas. The Anunnakis established the languages and colors of humanity on Earth from that one incident, the building of the Tower of Babel.

Not only did the colors grade downward like a color chart from white to black, but so did the intelligence, the whites the more intelligent, the browns and blacks the less intelligent. The whites had a better brain and thought of ways to improve their lives. They thought the Earth could be round and there might be life across the oceans. They built ships and went to see. The whites came to the Americas and built colonies pushing the brown natives they found there westward until they settled what would eventually be the United States and be the dominant color. They mated with some browns and later with some of the blacks slave traders brought to America. Then there were the whites who thought it would be a good thing to free these blacks and educate them. Bad idea, as their low intelligence could not be taught. The false religions of the whites made life even worse, until all the fighting on Earth came full circle to where the Anunnaki saw that they must eliminate all the religious humans again, and wouldn’t you know it there is another Apocalypse coming to do the job. But Enki, thinking ahead, had been teaching the spiritual intelligent humans of their spirituality with his channeled, A COURSE IN MIRACLES. The Anunnaki Council told him that if he could teach the spiritually intelligent to increase their spiritual energy to a level that would allow them to travel through the dimensions on the Anunnaki ships, they would be saved. That’s when Enki showed me what I needed to know and asked me to write the novel, GOD’S STORY (to be retitled ENKI’S LOVE STORY when I get a publisher) to teach the spiritually intelligent how to increase their spiritual energy.

You have 6 1/2 years to get your spiritual energy to its highest level and we will escape the PLANET OF THE APES.



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