Philadelphia Experiment

Among the many things that our secret government has hidden from the public is THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMET. First titled the Project Rainbow it was our government’s first adventure into time travel. Beginning with Nicola Tesla in the early 1930s at the University of Chicago where he was experimenting with distorting time/space leading to time travel, something he’d been receiving from communications with aliens (Zetas) years before in his studio atop the Waldorf Astoria. He was successful creating an electromagnetic gravity force around a small object, making it invisible and moving it in time/space. FDR, Secretary of Navy at the time, was fascinated with Tesla’s experiments and when WWII started, President FDR. asked Tesla if he could use his electromagnetic force on a bigger scale by surrounding a naval ship with it so that it blocked enemy radar and making the ship invisible.

Tesla agreed and began by creating a team of the top physicists in the country, Einstein, David Hilbert, John Von Neumann, T. Townsend Brown, James and Edward Cameron to name some of the few. They sat up a small lab at the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton University and went to work. Einstein said he had better things to work on and left the project.

The team was given a ship, a small destroyer escort, the USS Eldridge, that was anchored in Philadelphia Harbor. The team put their equipment aboard the ship and turned it on. The electromagnetic field surrounded the ship and it became invisible to radar, but suddenly the ship disappeared. The team shut down their equipment and in ten minutes the Eldridge returned. There were reports that the Eldridge had been seen in Norfork Harbor for ten minutes.

The Navy said they only wanted radar invisibility and they wanted to see how it worked with a crew aboard. The Zetas told Tesla that there would be big problems with a crew onboard. Tesla quit the project and Von Neumann took over and put a small crew onboard along with the Cameron brothers to operate the equipment. The time was October 1943 when they turned the equipment on. The Eldridge went radar invisible, then the ship disappeared. The Cameron brothers couldn’t turn off the equipment. Everything was going crazy. They ran up on deck and jumped overboard. They didn’t fall into the water, they landed in a compound on the Montauk AFB. The guards took them down into an underground bunker that was filled with rooms full of technical consoles, computers and monitors. They were amazed. Among the personnel they met a much older Von Neumann who told them they were forty years in the future. It was 1983 and they had been expected. He told them he was still working on the same experiment and they had locked onto to the ’43 experiment and pulled the Eldridge into hyperspace. (A Zeta spaceship that had been hovering over the harbor was also pulled through and was taken apart there at Montauk) Von Neumann told the brothers they had to go back and smash the equipment on the ship or it would rip a hole in the hyperspace. James wanted to stay in ’83 so Edward was sent to smash the equipment and the Eldridge returned to Philadelphia Harbor.

The Eldridge was in pretty bad shape and all the crew who were on deck didn’t come back in the same time space; some were floating in space, some were imbedded in the ship’s bulkhead. Those who didn’t die ended up in asylums as the experiment was covered up. Edward told them he had been in ’83 and James had stayed. He told them we had won the war dropping the Atomic Bombs on Japan. Building the bombs was news to them. Several months later, after the Eldridge was repaired, they tried the experiment again with a crew. The Eldridge disappeared again, but when the ship returned the equipment and crew did not. The project was closed down and the physicist team was sent to help complete the Atomic Bomb. After the war the Zetas made the deal with our secret government for the flyable spacecraft, which was the basis for all the high-tech projects coming out of the Groom Lake test site. All of our computer knowledge came from the Zetas.

The Philadelphia Experiment is an example of the Zetas’ mind control on Earth by manipulating the human ego’s fear, hate and violence into starting fights, wars and helping create machines of mass destruction. There’s no way humans could have done this without outside help. The Anunnaki left when they saw the couldn’t turn the tide and the Zetas took over with their false Gods, false religions, corrupt governments. Gun control? Forget about it. Only thing that will work is ego control. Remove the ego’s control and replace it with spiritual truth/spiritual energy. The Anunnaki know that is impossible. Eliminating all the egos is the only way. That’s what the Apocalypse will do so the Anunnaki can start over with the spiritual intelligent humans they are trying to teach now.

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