Marriage and Divorce go hand in hand, you get married you’re going to get a divorce. Guaranteed! Whether it’s physically in the courts, or mentally in your ego minds.

Marriages are religious ceremonies that restrict a male ego and female ego, or two male egos, or two female egos to legally love and have sex with each other for the rest of their lives. No other human can put their union asunder. Doesn’t say anything about the participants putting it asunder. There should be a clause that says ‘when the participants tire of having sex, or loving each other’, or their egos get smarter, they can put their union asunder. Which, of course, they will, eventually, anyway. Even if they have to kill one or the other.  That’s another out, ’till death do us part’. Crime shows, Dateline and 48 Hours and Hollywood and TV writers are supplied with tons of crime stories, unique and devious, of couples parting that way. There was a time when religious couples dated, believed they were in love, had sex, good or bad, they should or had to get married. Now its if the woman gets pregnant. When Enki got the Eves in the Garden of Eden pregnant he didn’t marry any of them. He wasn’t religious and he was already married, so to speak. He wanted THEM to start supplying the Anunnaki with workers. But his father didn’t want humans to start procreating and starting egos on Earth. That’s why he kicked them out of the Garden hoping they would all die in the wild. But they didn’t. Despite all the harassing by the Anunnaki, they survived. To humans the Anunnaki were all powerful. They had fourth dimensional powers. The humans feared them so they made them the Gods of their ego religions and the gold offerings kept coming in. Then after the Anunnaki had been drawn into their little atomic skirmish at their spaceport in the Sinai, (Yes, the first atomic war on Earth, 2024 BC), they were ashamed because they had promised there would be no atomic weapons used on Earth, they packed up and went back to their planet, the religious leaders told their people that the Gods went back to their home in Heaven, but to keep on bringing their offerings and they would pass them on. But the Anunnaki had nothing more to do with the humans. The religious wars kept on and the Anunnaki wanted to get rid of the humans without the Anunnaki killing them. The Anunnaki saw their planet’s next orbit would cause an Apocalypse that would kill all of the humans. But Enki, still trying to teach them of their spiritual reality, wanting to keep the Anunnaki’s DNA on the third dimensional planet thought the most spiritually intelligent was Noah and told him to build the Ark. Only Noah’s family survived and religions returned.

Down through the ages human’s religions had free reign making their own rules saying they were getting them from the Gods and adding them into their Bible teachings. Their egos got stronger and their spiritual reality was forgotten. I digress, but I wanted you to see where all egos got started, even yours, and took over the world.

Marriages are between two egos who met, fell in love, or what they thought was love, but it was only sex, and decided to make it legal with a license recorded at the local courthouse, because that’s what religions say you must do in the eyes of “God”. Now the married egos could legally purchase property in their married name, joint ownership, that could be the beginning of a disaster. Egos were created to attack and defend out of fear and hate. That’s all egos do, attack and defend. There is no love in that. If you read my page on  “Relationships” you’ll know how egos are created. They’re created by parents’ egos and their parent’s egos were created from their parents’ egos and so on back to the Garden of Eden. It’s a vicious chain that started way, way, way back and you’re the next link of battling egos. Living with your parents in the beginning your life get a good picture of how your marriage is going to evolve. But you said it won’t. Your parents fight and argue and you said you wouldn’t do that, but you did. Because that’s what egos do and you haven’t been taught about your spiritual truth/energy that you were born with. Because your parents didn’t know how to teach you your reality, since they were never taught theirs by their parents that they are spiritual energy, that in them is a spiritual truth, that when combined with another spiritual truth makes a happy union. So don’t hate them for not knowing. That’s what it says in the Ten Commandments, which was written by our spiritual Creator, Enki, to honor our Mother and Father because they didn’t know their spiritual truth/energy either. And that’s why their lives got so screwed up from the beginning…like yours is doing.

Now that you’ve seen how your ego was created we can get on to how we can get it out of our lives so we won’t keep messing it up. You see, all of us have two things in our bodies, an ego and a spiritual energy/reality. 1. Our ego which was created by our parents. 2. Our spiritual true self which is straight from the universe and pure energy. It was born into our body at birth and when our body dies it will return to the universe, probably to find another birth to be its spiritual energy. We all were born with pure, intense atomic energy in our new bodies to handle all diseases that we would encounter here on Earth, that is until our parents created our religious ego to block it out. Now you read the obits and see religious people dying of all those diseases they could have cured with their spiritual energy.

Let’s say you’ve read my book, GOD’S STORY and gotten your ego out of your life and you’re ready for a new life. And you’ve recognized egos in all the opposite sexes around you and you are approached by one of them and you begin the interview process, the first thing you want to ask is if that person belongs to a religion and has religious beliefs, and still believes in a God. If they do and have then you know right off in your mind that an in-depth relationship with this person is not going to happen.

An in-depth relationship  between spiritually intelligent people has no need for the restrictions of marriage to keep them together or remind them they swore to love each other. True love will always keep them together, as it will with other spiritually intelligent people. Fears of losing one another are gone. Jealousies are gone. All the fears of the old ego are gone. They’ll know a true love that will endure anything.

Here’s the big answer. We all have two things inside of us: our spiritual reality, the real us, atoms, atomic energy straight from the universe with all the knowledge of the universe we brought with us into out body when we were born. And then there’s our ego, which was programmed by our parents’ egos with all the fears, hatreds and violence from their egos created by all the parents’ ego dating back to when egos were created outside the Garden of Eden. Your newly created ego stands in the way of your using your true spiritual reality/energy you brought into your new life when you were born. To have your new life you must deprogram your ego, get it out of your way, and have the life you were meant to have without, to begin with, the false teachings of religions and their restrictions.

Get your ego out of control and put your spiritual truth in control and you’ll find that person who has done the same and you’ll enjoy the strongest relationship on the planet. Marriage with another ego is just a sexual trip, weak, confining and temporary.

In my novel you’ll see a marriage come apart when one partner finds his spiritual truth and you will follow him on an adventure as he searches for a spiritual match. He finds it when he meets a woman who wants to know her spiritual self/truth and he teaches her. You’ll get to see how it’s done.

And that’s the message Enki wants me to show you: get rid of your ego and intensify your spiritual energy so you can fly on the Anunnaki ships and escape the coming Apocalypse. Otherwise, you have very little time left. How can you tell when the Apocalypse will hit? watch the major disasters of today. The bigger they  get, the closer they get, the closer the Apocalypse gets.

GOD’S STORY can be ordered from any bookstore or


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