JFK and Area 51

If you didn’t believe the Warren Commission Report that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone shooter, you are absolutely right. In fact he never fired a shot.

Most everyone knows this history, but it’s the prelude to JFK’s demise, so I’ll just hit the high points. In the summer of 1947 an alien space craft crashed in the Plains of Magdalena. Actually it hit the ground outside Corona, NM, left some bumpers and fenders and skipper like a stone into a ravine in the Plains. It was discovered by a group of rock hounds before the U,S. Army showed up. They found some dead alien robots and one live one. They took their find to Los Alamos. President Truman sent 12 men: the best military, scientists and doctors to investigate. This detail of experts was called The Majestic Twelve. They kept the little biochemical alien robot alive for a year before it got sick. The secret government (those who run Area 51) sent out a message into space, “We have one of your pilots. It is sick and we need your help.” The alien’s response came in the summer of 1952 when a squadron of space craft buzzed Washington and sent a message. “We want to make a deal, three flyable space craft for the right to abduct humans for tissue samples without your government’s interference.” Selected members of the military and the government (Eisenhower, Kissinger, Vandenberg, Inman, were some of the names at the meeting and accepted the flyable craft.) The aliens they met with were the Zetas, the Anunnakis’ brothers who were still looking for the pure Anunnaki DNA from humans, but have been blocked by the primate string.

Now the secret government had another problem; where to hide the space craft and keep their secret of dealing with the aliens from the American people. They hid them in old hangers on abandoned air fields while they designed and built hangers in the mountains in the middle of Nevada’s White Mountains at a secret test site called Area 51. All of this was being funded by private fortunes (probably from rich industrial entrepreneurs who would benefit from the technology taken from the alien craft), but as the operation added more space craft they needed to expand, which meant a larger Black Budget. They went into the drug business with a Cambodian General Khun Sa to help him protect his poppy fields in the Golden Triangle from the Viet Cong. The Viet Cong became a bigger threat and the government had to send more troops to Viet Nam. This drug operation, Air America, was pulling in 4 billion a year from selling the heroin on the open market and laundering the money through the World Bank.

Sometime in the spring/summer of 1963 President Kennedy paid a visit to Area 51 and saw what was going on. He found out about the Black Budget. He didn’t like it and told those in charge (NSA, AEC, Pentagon/Navy) he was going to tell the American people about Area 51 and bring the American Troops home from Viet Nam. Some of those of the Secret Government decided that no way JFK was going to do that and set about to stop him before he carried out his threat. Knowing the Mafia wasn’t too happy with JFK over his crackdown on their operations, several leaders of the MJ-12 who had influence within the Mafia, called a meeting with the major Mafia bosses, Giancana, Luciano and Lansky and asked them to take out JFK and they’d turn off the heat. They were told the assassination had to appear that neither the secret government nor the Mafia had anything to do with it. The Mob bosses said that killing a president  would have to get the okay from higher up; the head of the Illuminate. They would put in a call to him.

The phone rang in the fancy cabin of a very luxurious yacht sitting off the coast of a Greek isle. The steward approached its owner, Aristotle Onassis, and whispered in his ear. Onassis excused himself to his guests, Jacqueline Kennedy and her sister Lee Radziwill (Jackie was on vacation after losing her baby) and went to the cabin to answer the call. He listened intently while watching his guests. He smiled. What a stroke of luck. He had become very infatuated with Jackie and she with him and gave his okay for the hit. He added instructions that whatever they did Jackie was not to be harmed, in fact to insure that she wouldn’t he was going to send his best marksmen to do the shooting and they would choose their weapons, time and place. No screwups and to find a “patsy” to take the fall for them… they were to have nothing to with it.

The patsy was Lee Harvey Oswald. The Mafia sniper fired the rifle from the window, tossed it to Oswald telling him to get rid of it, met his accomplice from the grassy knoll behind the fence, drove to a safe house and flew back to Europe in a private jet. Everything Oswald did leading up to Dallas made him look guilty. Once everyone felt Oswald did it alone he had to be eliminated, along with everyone who knew the slightest bit about the truth.

Several members of the MJ-12 who were in on the assassination were on the Warren Commission to make sure that Oswald was the lone shooter.

After JFK was out-of-the-way, Bobbie Kennedy took over the harassment of the Mob. The Mob complained that they hadn’t gotten their end of the deal. So Bobbie was eliminated.

Everyone involved got what they wanted. The secret government kept the troops guarding Khun Sa’s drug operation and the drug money rolling in. The mob got the Feds off their case, Onassis got Jackie and no one was the wiser about the secret government’s involvement with the Zetas at Area 51.

How did I learn about all this truth? Enki showed it to me just as he did the true history of humanity. I had a screenplay about The Philadelphia Experiment and Area 51 that a producer at Paramount wanted to do, but the military wouldn’t let them do it. I knew I would be wasting my time to write one about the JFK hit.

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