Hugo and Hal

   While talking to my brother on our annual birthday call he asked me if I remembered Hugo and Hal. The names weren’t familiar. I tried to remember, turning the names over in my mental files and finally said, no. He said his wife was searching through boxes in their attic looking for Christmas decorations and found these comic strips I had drawn when I was home after getting out of the Army and was working for the local newspaper’s advertising department…

   And that was when it dawned. Hugo and Hal…yes, they were the characters I had created for a comic strip I was writing and drawing about these guys who lived in this man’s head. Hugo was the not too bright one and Hal was the smart one. They were always at odds with each other as to who had control of the man’s thoughts and actions. Hugo was always wrong and Hal was always right. And there were the female counterparts to add their imput, I think one of their names was Betty, can’t remember the other. And then there were the other characters, the ones who ran different parts of the body; the heart, the lungs, the stomach, the kidneys and so on. The writing was on the order of satire like in the Pogo strip. I shopped the idea to several syndicates. All said it was way over the heads of anyone reading the comics. That was 1955 and there wasn’t much metaphysics or spirituality writing then. I’m okay, you’re okay and Born Free was about all I remember.  

   So that’s where the thinking started that led to all my writing about the ego and spirit, the good and evil, fears and love in all of us. I can’t remember how I came up with that thinking. Could have started in my college psychology classes, but I have a suspicion that I was born with it in my spiritual energy and Enki channeled it to me like he did with A Course In Miracles to Helen Schucman. I had always wondered why he picked me for the trip back in time to see the true history of humanity and to write The Knowing, Guesthouse and God’s Story. Just as Jesus was part of his plan so were Helen and I, and maybe others I haven’t heard of…to find the spiritual intelligent on Earth he needed for the New Spiritual Earth.

   I had always wanted to be a cartoonist as far back as I can remember, writing stories and illustrating them. I copied all the characters from the funny papers. I found an ad from an art school offering courses in cartooning and advertising. My dad said he’d pay for it, but I had to take the advertising art course because I wouldn’t make a living with cartooning.

   When I was in the army I had a comic strip in the post paper. It was something like Beetle Bailey. Back home out of the Army I put a portfolio together, used my GI Bill and went off to the number one commercial art school in the world, graduated with top honors and became a top-level illustrator and never did anymore cartooning.

   In the early nineties there was a sitcom titled “Herman’s Head”. It was about these people who lived in this guy’s head. I remembered I had written and drawn that idea once. I wondered if someone searching for an idea had remembered seeing my strips back then. Just wondering how it has all come together. It wasn’t something out of the blue. It had a purpose, Enki’s plan. As I said in the book…we were set up.

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