Anunnaki History

A few million years ago the Anunnaki’s journey to Earth began 900 light years away on a planet in the Rigel star system. Rigel is a multi star system and the energy there is an intense fourth dimension…giving the beings there a fourth dimensional spiritual energy. But not all the inhabitants were spiritually intelligent. There were several factions whose beliefs were in opposition to others and fighting had already began. The spiritual intelligent Anunnaki (they wouldn’t get their Anunnaki name until they got to Earth) could see the conflict was about to escalate into a full blown atomic war, so they got into their space ships and left. The situation on the Anunnaki’s home planet was much like the clash of religions on Earth today.

An atomic war did develop and the survivors went underground where they existed for several hundred years. When they came above ground again they found their planet was destroyed and they had taken on a scaly, reptilian appearance. They figured to get their pure DNA back and eliminate their scaly appearance they would have to find their brothers (the Anunnaki). They heard the Anunnaki had fled to a planet in the Vega star system.

On their planet in Vega, the Anunnaki heard their reptilian brothers were coming and to avoid them they took off for a planet in the Procyon star system. In Vega their brothers heard the Anunnaki were in Procyon and followed them there. To avoid a confrontation the Anunnaki left for a planet in the Sirius Star system. In Procyon their brothers heard that the Anunnaki had gone to Zeta Reticulai and went there and settled until they heard the Anunnaki were on a planet in Sirius. Now known as the Zetas they went to Sirius where a conflict took place. The surviving Anunnaki fled to a maverick planet that orbited through Sirius and the Sun’s solar systen every 3600 years between Mars and Jupiter. The Anunnaki called their maverick planet Nibiru. There was an ice planet on Nibiru’s orbit path and long before the Anunnaki settled on Nibiru one of Nibiru’s moons smashed into this planet, known asTiamat, knocking about half of this ice planet off and scattering the pieces into the Asteriod Belt while sending the remains of Tiamt into and orbit on the other side of Mars closer to the Sun where the ice began to melt. Yes, Earth was once an ice planet between Mars and Jupiter.

While orbiting on their maverick planet, which would later be named Nibiru/Marduk, through the Sun’s solar system there was a conflict in leadership and the loser was exiled to the Blue Planet (Earth). While there he discovered there was much gold on that planet and he figured if he went back to Nibiru and told them of his find they would let him back into their good graces. The Anunnaki, which means – those who came down – sent an expedition to Earth, saw the gold and other precious metals and set up camp between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. More Anunnnaki came down and they set up mining camps and cities, the first settlements on Earth. This was around 500,000 years ago.

About 250,000 years later the Anunnaki miners tired and quit. The Anunnaki Scientist, Enki, who was in charge of the African mines, had to get them back on line, and this is where he created the first hybrid human Neanderthal miners.

The rest of the history: The Garden of Eden, Enki trying to teach spirituality to his humans, the Noah Flood, the conflicts with the humans’ religions, Sodom & Gomorrah and Enki giving Moses the Ten Commandments are all covered in my novel. I just wanted to say a little about where and how our ancestors got to Earth.

Much later the Zetas found the Anunnaki on Earth and heard that Enki had used his DNA to create the humans and figured it would be easier to get their DNA from the humans than it would be to capture the Anunnaki. So they began abducting humans and taking tissue samples, but this plan didn’t work because they couldn’t get around the primate maternal DNA string for a pure Anunnaki DNA sample. But this didn’t stop them, the Zetas are still abducting humans. In the ’50s they made a deal with our government: For three flyable space craft the government wouldn’t interfer. The Zeta space craft were eventually stored at Area 51 where our government is still trying to fly them and doing back engineering. Our government is still denying that aliens exist.

GOD’S STORY can be ordered through B&N and all bookstores. Research and References are listed in the back of the book with author’s comments.

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