Gun Control? Answer is Ego Control

Humans killing other humans began right after the first humans (Adams and Eves) were kicked out of the Garden of Eden. Cain and Abel, remember them? Cain killed Abel because of jealousy, an ego staple. Bible doesn’t say what Cain used to kill Abel. Probably beat him to death with a club, or rock. That was the first, so the Bible says, and the killing hasn’t stopped since, just the methods have gotten much more sophisticated. Maybe if they’d implemented club control back then and then rock control then pointed stick control then arrow control the killing would have stopped. No, because they hadn’t found and stopped the reasons to kill. As it was true back then it is the same today the reasons are in the ego. Fear, hate and violence are products of the ego and the reasons we kill. It’s not the method of killing we have to control, it’s the ego we must control.

 When did human’s egos began to fear? When the Adams and pregnant Eves were kicked out of the Garden of  Eden. Before then the humans had no reasons to fear. The Anunnaki took care of all their needs. They were like personal servants and slaves. Now not only fearing the Anunnaki powers they feared all the animals and Mother Nature’s elements, they needed to survive. And when they had their children they programmed their ego fears into their children’s egos. It’s the same today. We are programming our ego fears into our children’s egos. We say they’ll need those fears to survive in the world today. That’s right, but why not take the ego out of control, deprogram it and reprogram it with the true love and intelligence of our spiritual self/energy we were born with? But for that to work every human on Earth would have to discover their spiritual energy within, hidden behind their ego and putting their spiritual self/energy in control, taking their ego out of the driver’s seat.

Psychiatrists are not taught to recognize spiritual energy as everyone’s truth just that the ego as everyone’s fear illusions. (This is a main plot in GOD’S STORY.) How could they? Since they were taught by egos who didn’t recognize their spiritual truth either. Egos teaching egos how to fix the problems of other egos. Ego fears can’t be fixed, they have to be slowly taken apart, separated, identified and replaced by spiritual truth. Take the popular TV psychiatrists, Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew, and their efforts to fix hurting egos with all the psychiatry advice they’ve been taught. They can recognize the fear and tell a patient not to let the fear control their life. The patient will try, but without the strength of their spiritual truth their fear will win and they’re right back where they started.

A reader asked me, “How do I replace ego fears with spiritual truth?” First you have to recognize the fear. Let’s say you’re about to lie and you recognize what you  are about to say is a lie. If you know your spiritual truth, you can’t lie. Your strong spiritual self won’t allow it. You have to tell the truth no matter what. It’s like Enki wrote in the Ten Commandments, if you are truly spiritual, you shall not kill, lie, steal, commit adultery and so forth, because you just can’t, it’s no longer in your nature. So if everyone was truly spiritual, we wouldn’t need to kill, we wouldn’t need guns or a reason to kill. We would be spirituality strong and loving.

The urge and need to kill are ego tools of the mentally ill. Making guns and other means of killing unavailable to the mentally ill will stop almost all the killing. That would mean all gun owners. If they own a gun, they also have the urge to kill in their egos. But taking away their guns won’t stop the urge to kill. That would have to be eliminated from their ego by their spiritual truth.

You can make a list of all the fears in your ego so you can recognize them when they happen. For instance, when the U.S. was attacked on 911, what was the first fear that came up? REVENGE. If our leaders had known, “When one sets out for revenge, better dig two graves”, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now. Many lives would’ve been saved if they’d just seen there’s a better solution. If they’d only applied spiritual intelligence. But they didn’t have spiritual intelligence, they only had ego fears.

I know it’s tough to keep your ego in check when you’re dealing with other egos everyday. Egos are created to attack and defend against other egos. When egos are attacking and defending they get stronger and harder to eliminate. When egos outnumber spiritual intelligence .98 to .02 percent of the world’s population you have to be on guard 24/7. But hang in there, the Apocalypse will soon clean up Earth. Until then keep your ego in check and increase your spiritual energy’s power by breathing in those atoms.

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