Man y of the people who read my novel, GOD’S STORY  have given me much positive praise, such as, “Couldn’t put it down. Took me 33 hours”, “Reads like a movie. Quick and no slow spots”, “Keeps your attention all the way”, “Technical info blends into the story, easy to understand”. All the comments were very encouraging. So I decided to give the movie industry another shot at a story they had turned down many times, because it didn’t have violent conflicts. No horror, no car chases, no explosions, no body count–and so on. The story was way over their simple evaluation, “Has a limited audience (intelligence), won’t make the big bucks”.

I had just seen a movie about a relationship gone bad, no violence, but no satisfying solution. GOD’S STORY would be a  much, much better movie. I thought about it. I hadn’t tried to change Hollywood in quite a while. So I pulled up the GOD’S STORY screenplay, went through it, tightening it up. The big problem was I didn’t have anything that would get movie people’s attention…needed something right up front…and it came to me…I added something to the title, an attention-getting three words:  The Serious E.T.  Those letters E.T. get  attention in the movie industry. The first E.T. made BIG BUCKS, but it was a kids’ movie. I remembered the word SERIOUS from one of my readers, “This is a VERY serious book”, she said.

The Writers Store in L.A. sent me two invitations to upcoming screenplay contests (easiest way to get the movie biz’s attention is to win a couple of screenplay contests. Readers for contests have to read the first ten pages. If they’re hooked on the story and structure the script goes to the next level and so on until it gets to the top levels.) Three days after entering the first contest I received an invitation from an agent to join his group of writers. The deal was to have his writers read my script and give their suggestions of how I could make my script better. I asked him if he had read my script. He didn’t answer since that would give away the fact that the reader in that contest had alerted him my script/story could very well be a winner.

That was encouraging. Someone in Hollywood liked my story…the contest reader must be intelligent. The trend right now is graphic violence, high body count, blood and gore…no story, especially not one like mine, a story about truth could possibly put an end to world stupidity, the corrupt governments and the false religions. The world could be a better place, at least for a little while…before the Apocalypse hits.


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