God told you to do WHAT!!!?

Almost every day you can read a story in the newspapers and hear it on the TV of a unbelievable  killing. Serial killings, mass killings, killings of family members, friends and lovers and if the perpetrators don’t commit suicide they plead mental illness. They put the blame on “voices in their head.” Some will come right out and say the devil or God told them to do it. If you’ve read “False religions” on this website you know God and the devil don’t exist in reality. They are creations of religions for religious egos’ beliefs. And those who have never darkened a church door or listened to a demented evangelist on TV, radio or in a neighborhood tent can blame their twisted ego on the programming from other religious egos who have. More sources for immature egos are storytellers in books, movies and video games. Hollywood is a major contributor to all kinds of weird maniacal illusions for susceptible egos.

Let’s take the case of Andrea Yates, the mother who drowned her five children in her bathtub because she believed she was a bad mother and had not taught them right and would not be accepted into Heaven. Satan’s voice had told her she should do it now before they got any older. Then God’s voice told her he would forgive them and her. Where did she hear this nonsense? In church and in the Bible – Romans 3. Basically, the verses say Satan and God agree that we can kill our enemies and if we have a good reason we can still get into Heaven. Great, but there’s no Heaven or Hell. What else do you have? How about the truth.

Satan and God are bogy men religions created to instill fear into our egos so we will pay them big money to protect us. Religions are all about money. Religions have no conscience. We can do all the bad we want to and the only laws we break are societies’. Hospital psychiatrists said Andrea was mentally ill and so they treated her with medication. Why not the truth? Because they don’t know it. None of them testified that the voices she heard in her head, although she said they were Satan and God, had anything to do with her spirituality. That’s because psychiatrists don’t know the difference between ego and spirit. All they know is religious spirituality and that’s no good, it isn’t the truth.

At the time I was discussing this case with a friend who knew and agreed with my condemnation of religions. I said, “This is a great time to put someone on the stand who knows the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I’d love to take on religions. I’ve got the goods on them. How long will they keep on killing people in the name of their God and getting away with it?” And he said, “They’d never let you on the stand. They’d never believe you. You don’t have an alphabet after you name. Besides, everyone in any courtroom is church people and they wouldn’t like it  proven that they’ve been taken in by religions”. “What if,” I said, “I could get Enk to come down, take the stand and back me up? Now that would be the most sensational confrontation ever, Enki against religions. He’d put an end to all that Satan-God crap and put religions in the poor house. He’s been wanting to do it ever since they murdered his son. And there’d be no more killing in the name of their Gods.

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