False Religions = Worldwide Ponzie Scheme

Around 250,000 years of mining Earth’s gold the Anunnaki miners tired of working in the dark mines and quit. Enki needed to get his mines back on-line and his sister had a solution; why not create a beast of burden using his sperm and the egg of a female animal? They went to his lab, gathered animals and began trying to find a match. He finally got one with a female primate. His sister volunteered her womb and they birthed the first hybrid human Neanderthal. They called him Adamus, or Adam for short. With the help of Enki’s wife’s womb they created more humans, male and female.

The Neanderthal human workers worked out very well, but Enki needed more, many more. He talked a group of Anunnaki women into volunteering their wombs to birth more humans. He called them his Birth Princesses and they began turning out a force of human workers. Enki’s father and the Anunnaki Council, not in favor of the experiment in the beginning, saw how great these humans were working out in the mines and they wanted more to work in the fields and other manual labor jobs. But his father made Enki promise that he would never give the humans the right to procreate because their lower intelligence would destroy the earthly paradise the Anunnak enjoyed.

Over the next 100,000 years the humans being produced were losing most of their maternal traits and were taking on more of the Anunnaki features. Eventually, the Anunnaki Birth Princesses said enough was enough and shut down their wombs. The demand for the human help had grown to the point that Enki needed to find a way to produce more. There was only one solution; go to his labs in the Garden of Eden and fix the females there so they could procreate, the very thing he had promised his father he wouldn’t do because his father didn’t want Earth overrun with dumb humans. His father was back on Nibiru and maybe he could pull it off without him knowing. Enki went to his Garden labs, fixed the Eves and got them pregnant. His father found out and turned the humans out of the Garden hoping they wouldn’t survive on their own. Although the humans feared the Anunnaki’s powers, they had gained  some smart, mined some gold on their own and bartered with the Anunnaki for food, shelter and peace. And that’s how religions began; bringing gold and offerings to the Anunnaki to insure a life of good will. And the Anunnaki became the Gods of the humans’ religions.

Their religions had leaders that made themselves go-betweens with the Anunnaki. These leaders set rituals for praise of the Anunnaki, who they were now being called Gods; God of fire, God of water, God of harvest, God of rain, sun, night, God of whatever. Humans thought anything that happened in nature was a direct action from one of the Gods. They prayed to the Gods for their good in everything in life. The more they offered the Gods the more good they received. But not always. The Anunnaki knew they weren’t Gods of anything, but they went along as they were getting the gold and the humans feared upsetting them. This peace didn’t last long. The humans invented more religions, some worshiping one God, some worshiping a group of Gods. Different tribes in different lands imagined their own Gods and if you were born into a particular tribe you automatically became a member of that religion, much like it still is today. All these religious tribes hated each other. They had their own armies and fought over their differences, stealing valuables, gold, livestock and land. War, stealing and killing became a way of life. The very thing that Enki’s father didn’t want to happen was happening; Earth was going to hell in a handbasket.

Enki tried teaching spiritual truth over religious fears, but their low intelligence and continued harassment by all the other Anunnaki made his task impossible. The Anunnaki Council said the humans had to go. The solution came with the next orbit of Nibiru. Nibiru’s massive gravity wave would rock Earth causing floods and earthquakes and the humans would be wiped out. But Enki didn’t want to give up on his humans and wanting to keep the Anunnaki DNA on Earth he told Noah, the “most righteous” of his humans, to build an Ark. After the Flood, Noah’s family proved not to be so righteous and religions remained on Earth. Enki continued his efforts to get his spiritual message to his humans with Moses and Jesus. Moses didn’t understand that he was a  spiritual being and wanted to a great leader of the Jews. Enki withdrew his support. Jesus understood his father’s message and some of his followers believed also. Jesus’ spiritual truth didn’t go well with religious leaders sought ways to get him off the streets. They had him arrested for turning over the moneychangers’ tables. A direct ego attack on the church. Enki had warned him to keep his ego under control. His trial was settled by the religious people and he was crucified. Religions had won again over truth and they still celebrate his death on Good Friday and Easter.

Around 2024 BC the Anunnaki had a problem with kingship leaders over discipline of their humans, which led to an atomic war at their Sinai spaceport between themselves. Having broken a rule that they would never use atomic weapons on Earth, the Anunnaki left and moved back to Nibiru. The religious leaders told their followers that the Gods had returned to the Heaven from which they had come. Religious leaders had been taking their cut of the offerings to the Gods, but now with the Gods gone the church leaders kept it all. The Anunnaki never came back so the religious leaders became incredibly rich, business was good, much like it is  today. This is how religions became a business. Their product is their false Gods. Create a religion and a God and you’ll never have to work for a living, just rake in the money and a big plus they don’t have to pay taxes to the government. It’s like a ponzie scheme; there’s a product/investment that doesn’t exist, they fool the investors into believing they have a viable product then they send their believers out to bring in more unknowing  investors. Ring the church bells and they file in like religious zombies obediently bringing their money and looking for a brain. And the greatest thing is the zombies will never ask for their money back even though their prayers aren’t answered…there’s still no peace on Earth, which is ironic because religions are the ones creating all the chaos, fear, hate and violence on Earth. They’ll never figure it out…spiritual energy/truth is in every one of us, all we have to do is get our egos out-of-the-way.

GOD’S STORY can be ordered through all B&N bookstores. Research and References are listed in the back of the book with author’s comments.

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