Bible Proof of Anunnaki

In the beginning of the Bible it says God created the heavens and earth. That can only be true if you believe God is energy and not some phony religious super being. Our universe was created by the BIG BANG, as all universes were/are. So the Bible starts off with two big lies – God created the heavens and earth and the universe is pure energy, imploding and exploding. That pretty much takes care of Genesis up to 2: 7 where God/Lord decides to create humans by taking a handful of earth and blowing into it.  Another really big lie. Although humans had been mating since the Garden of Eden, the Bible writers evidently didn’t understand the process of creating a human being. There has to be male sperm and female egg, the DNA building blocks from two human beings. (Read the PLANET OF THE HUMAN APES page for more info on the Creation) This is where the true history of humanity comes in with the replacement of the phony God with our true ancestors, the Anunnaki from the planet Nibiru (See the Anunnaki History). The Anunnaki brought their DNA to Earth some 500,000 years ago in search of gold and created hybrid humans to be workers in the mines. From here on if the Bible writers and its readers replace the word God with any Anunnaki (God is a word created by religions for the Anunnaki) they get a truer picture of what was going on in those many centuries before the Bible was written. The Bible was written after the Noah Apocalypse. If we figure that Event happened some time around 14,000 BC and humans were created 250,000 years ago by the Anunnaki, Enki, we can also figure much went on before that time, such as humans creating their religions, which caused all the fighting and caused the Anunnakis’ decision to get rid of the religious humans. So what went on before the Noah Flood was hearsay from the Noahs, the Anunnakis’ writings and artifacts that survived the many, many centuries and discovered in the  Pyramids, Mideast temples and African diggings.

If you haven’t read the true history of humanity in my novel, GOD’S STORY, let me help you out a little.  When the Bible says the Lord God created man it is talking about our true Creator the Anunnaki Scientist, Enki, son of Anu leader of the Anunnaki, using his sperm and the egg of a female primate and the womb of his sister, Ninhursag, to create the first hybrid Neanderthal human, Adam. Enki’s purpose was to create workers to replace the striking Anunnaki miners in the gold mines. (There have been some comments on why the Anunnaki miners wanted to quit. The Anunnaki are fourth dimensional energy beings from a fourth dimensional energy planet. Being on a third dimensional planet, such as Earth, their fourth dimensional energy dissipated. With their loss of energy they must return to their planet every three or four months to replenish. They asked Enki to see if he could create a worker with a third dimensional energy to work the mines.) So, in fact, all humans are descendants of the Anunnaki. Look in the mirror, we are all Anunnaki offspring and we look just like them, only they are much taller. Enki talked some Anunnaki females into using their wombs to birth many more humans and he sent some to work in the fields, homes and the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2: 15). When the Anunnaki females quit birthing humans, Enki (who wore the caduceus as a symbol of his position and reason for those humans to call him the Serpent God. Enki was the serpent in the Garden, not a real serpent as the Bible says) went to his Garden labs and fixed the hybrid female humans working there so they could procreate, then got them pregnant. Enki’s father, Anu, had forbidden him never to do that because humans, with their fearful egos, would over run the planet and destroy the Anunnaki’s  peaceful paradise, which they eventually did. When Anu  discovered what Enki had done, he kicked the humans out of the Garden (Genesis 3: 23) hoping they would not survive, but as you know, they did.

This is where all the trouble started on Earth and is still going on. The trouble is with our EGO. When Enki got the human females pregnant in the Garden of Eden and his father, Anu, kicked them out hoping they wouldn’t survive and they did, Enki had created parents and these parents created children. Now the parents’ egos that were created to help them survive (attack and defend) were passed onto their children. Since the parents knew nothing about their spiritual truth/ energy they could not teach it to their children. So the parents’ egos built out of fear, hatred and violence was passed onto their children. Enki said he is responsible for all the fear, hatred and killing in the world today because of his creating parents and their EGOS. All EGOS are mentally ill because they don’t know their spiritual truth. And that’s what I’m trying to do here, teach you of your spiritual truth and universal energy.

Out on their own without the help of the Anunnaki the humans had to fend for themselves, learn how to get food and shelter. The humans survived but still feared the Anunnaki’s god-like fourth dimensional powers. The humans figured they might eliminate the Anunnaki’s harassment by finding gold and offering it to them. This was the early beginnings of the humans’ religions with the Anunnaki as their Gods. The Anunnaki were glad to get the gold, but still wanted to get rid of the humans, as their religious egos’ fears, hatreds and fighting were destroying the Anunnaki’s spiritual peace on Earth the Anunnaki had enjoyed. But since the Anunnaki were too spiritual to kill, as Enki later wrote in The Ten Commandants, they harassed them constantly (Genesis 6: 4-6), good God (Enki), bad Gods (the rest of the Anunnaki), hoping with all their fighting and killing the humans would eventually eliminate themselves. Didn’t happen, things only got worse.

A population explosion took place on Earth (Genesis 6: 1) and some of the human females were mating with the giants (Anunnaki) from the “spirit world”, the fourth dimension. Peace on Earth was destroyed. Finally a means to eliminate the humans presented itself with the approaching orbit of the Anunnaki’s planet, Nibiru. Mars wasn’t in its blocking position and Earth would get the full impact of Nibiru’s gravity wave causing a pole shift on Earth and an Apocalypse, killing all living things on Earth. The Anunnaki made plans to leave, but Enki wanted to save “the most righteous” of his humans and secretly told Noah to build the Ark (Genesis 6: 14). Noah did as Enki told him, put the animals from the Garden and his family on the Ark.. Then Enki told him, when you see the light in the East–the Anunnaki space ships leaving–close and seal the Ark. If you ever wondered, Enki fed the Noahs and the animals on the Ark during the Flood. When the Flood was over and the Anunnaki returned and saw that Noah’s family survived, Enki’s father wanted to kill them, but Enki pleaded his case of keeping the Anunnakis’ DNA on a third dimensional planet and the Noahs were let to live. (This is left out of the later interpretations of the Bible) But the Noahs’ religious egos proved not to be as spiritual as Enki had hoped and religions  returned.

Wasn’t long before religions were back to their old ways, fighting  and killing. (The first religion was Muslim. All other religions grew out of the Muslim and that’s where differences began, and the fighting and killing and still exist today all over the world.)  The Anunnaki Council held Enki responsible. Enki tried teaching his humans their spiritual truth, but they were nowhere near ready for spiritual physics. The humans built a city to honor the Anunnaki Gods with its own tower/gantry for the Anunnaki space ships (Genesis 11: 1-8). The Anunnaki saw they couldn’t have that, so they destroyed the city (Babel) and tower, scattered the tribes on the different continents and confused their languages. (Read THE PLANET OF THE HUMAN APES for more details).

In those days in the Mid East the land was divided into kingships, Canaan, Babylon and such with demigods (Anunnaki earthly sons and daughters) as kings and queens. They were to rule keeping the humans’ religious rituals in line, but the Babylon ruler, Nergal, began to join in the orgies. The neighboring ruler in Canaan, Marduk, Nergal’s cousin, complained to the Anunnaki Council and they said they would take care of it. But they didn’t, so Marduk took matters in his own hands and blasted Babylon’s walls with low-yield atomic weapons. Nergal complained to the Anunnaki Council that Marduk had broken their law of never using atomic weapons on Earth. The Council went after Marduk, who was now headed back to the Sinai Space Port to get more atomic weapons. Going through Canaan Marduk decided he would take out the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, but he ran into Abram, who pleaded for his families in the cities. (Genesis 19, 20) Marduk turned him down and leveled both cities. When Marduk got to the space port he ran into the Council and what followed was the first Atomic War on Earth. When it was over the Anunnaki were so ashamed of what they had done, broken their rule of never using atomic weapons on Earth, they packed up and left Earth to the religions. That was around 2024 BC. (The word throughout the universe is that Earth is a War planet and that is why all aliens will not land on Earth. They don’t want to be fired upon and having to return fire.)

Later, Enki returned to try again to teach his humans their spiritual truth. He decided to teach one human from birth, Moses, and have him teach his people in words they would understand. To get their attention Enki granted Moses some powers and got his people released and into the Sinai desert (Exodus 19: 1-25) where he called Moses up the mountain and gave him the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20: 1-17). Enki took Mose’s spiritual energy out of his body and showed it to him, saying this is your true spiritual energy, which I want you to know and teach your people to know, not your religious fears of false gods that don’t exist. (This is what GOD’S STORY is about, learning how to separate ego from spirit energy.)  And when all of you no longer have ego fears and are truly spiritual, you will honor your father and mother, you will not be able to murder, commit adultery, steal, lie…. Enki spoke as he wrote the Commandments on stone tablets with his hand laser. He dusted the tablets with powdered element 115 (this element 115 powder is explained in my book GOD’S STORY) that made them light as a feather, gave Moses the hand laser and sent him down to his people. Moses found them worshiping a golden calf, which angered Moses. He took the hand laser, burned the calf to ashes, threw the ashes upon the water and made his people drink the ashes (Exodus 32). Moses interpreted the Commandments with his ego, which disappointed Enki and he kicked Moses to the curb. Without Enki’s blessings, Mose created his own false God, Yahweh, and altered the Jewish religion to his words.

Enki decided it would be better if he had a son with an earthling who could carry the spiritual message to the humans. Through vitro with Mary he fathered Jesus (Matthew 1). Jesus grew up with religion and when he came of the right age Enki took him into the “wilderness” (Matthew 4), showed him his spiritual truth then gave Jesus the spiritual message he wanted Jesus to teach. (The Bible says Jesus fought with the Devil. Since there is no Devil, the spiritual Jesus was fighting for command over his ego. This is what each human must do to reclaim their true spiritual reality; eliminate ego fears.) As Jesus preached that message (get rid of ego fears and replace them with your true spiritual energy), Enki was in the background helping with some “miracles”, which gave the spiritual message a lot of weight with the people. Although they never understood the spiritual part of the message, which was blocked by their egos. Jesus gathered a following of disciples. Jesus was preaching against religions, their False Gods and their profiteering when he kicked over the moneychangers’ tables in the temple (Mark 11: 15-19 in an attempt to prove that the truth is free) and the Pharisees had him arrested. The people didn’t like him saying he was the son of God and voted to have him crucified. His followers took him from the cross and put his body in a tomb and rolled a large rock in the entrance. The next morning Mary went to the tomb (Matthew 27 – 28), found the rock rolled away. Jesus’ body was gone and a man/angel (actually an Anunnaki astronaut) told her Jesus’ body had risen. Now how could that have happened unless Enki had taken it on his ship? Had to be. (We’re talking body here, his spirit had already risen when he died on the cross) No other explination. There were no balloons, no helicopters, but there were space ships since 500,000 years ago. Jesus’ spirit stayed on Earth for a while and was seen by his followers as told in the Bible.

Final proof that Enki was still putting his words in the Bible is the entire book of Revelation. He took the Apostle John on an out of body trip to see the next Apocalypse, just as he did me, and told him to write what he saw. The Apostle John wrote his experience in Revelation, I wrote mine in my novel, GOD’S STORY. Enki told John to take the spiritual message to the churches and tell them to teach the spiritual message instead of selling their religious lies. In Revelation 2: 17 Enki told what every spiritually intelligent human must do to increase their spiritual energy to allow them to fly through the dimensions on the Anunnaki ships and escape the  coming Apocalypse. A more detailed and updated version is in my novel, GOD’S STORY.

More proof that Enki is still around teaching spirituality to the spiritual intelligent is evidenced with his channeled book  A COURSE IN MIRACLES  to Helen Schucman and mine. Both books teach how to separate ego from spirit, only Helen left in references to religions’ God and you must eliminate the phony God to get your religious ego from blocking your spiritual self/energy. In GOD’S STORY I explain the making of the Anunnakis’ element 115 in intensifying your spiritual energy to a level that will allow you travel through the dimensions on the Anunnaki ships and escape the Apocalypse. You must read GOD’S STORY if you want to survive the Apocalypse.

The history isn’t all there is. Now read WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT, AL B – WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT  then ENKI’S MESSAGE to know what this is all about: getting rid of your ego’s control so you can get your spiritual energy/true self back, having a great spiritual life by surviving the coming Apocalypse and maybe going to a new planet and returning to an Apocalypse cleansed Earth.

Now that the leading edge of the Apocalypse is already here, been here for the past 3 or 4 years, and the disasters are getting bigger and closer together, you don’t have much time left to get rid of your ego and intensify your spiritual energy. So get busy if you want to escape the Apocalypse’s full force.

GOD’S STORY can be ordered through Amazon, B&N or any bookstore. It has an Excellent Five Star rating on Amazon. For doubters: Research and References are listed  in the back of the book with author’s comments.

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  1. Jamie Bridges

    This answers a lot of my questions. I believe I stumbled over two typos you might want to fix (an extra ‘and’ and a misspelling). Anyway, I look forward to reading the book and will share this with friends.

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