UPDATE: Have you wondered why wondered why we are having so many major disasters, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fires? Geologists from the University of Colorado, Boulder and the University of Montana have said it is because the rotation of the Earth has been temporarily increased. That’s because the Apocalypse is getting closer. The planet Nibiru, which is pushing this gigantic gravity wave is getting closer and its rotation is going in the opposite direction than Earths. Nibiru comes through the Sun’s Solar system every 3600 years between Mars and Jupiter. Mars blocks the gravity wave from Earth when its in the same rotation spot as Earth. But this time its on the other side of the Sun and Nibiru’s gravity wave is going to hit Earth with all of its force as it did during Noah’s time. The number of major disasters will get bigger and closer together in 2018 as the Apocalypse gets closer. My novel and website is getting you prepared to leave the planet before the Apocalypse wipes Earth clean. Watch your news sources for the coming disasters.

I’ve told you how to survive the Apocalypse. If you didn’t read GOD’S STORY and heed Enki’s instructions on how to intensify your spiritual energy and been chosen to fly out of here on the Anunnaki ships, you’re about to experience a horrible death. This is what I saw on my trip with Enki to see the Apocalypse.

Massive earthquakes have split and broken up land masses, moved them around, created new continents. Volcanos are erupting, spewing lava, making new earth formations  Waters have flooded over land and created new lakes and oceans. Earth has changed. Just as the Apostle John wrote in Revelation. Now, for the worst of it, that thing Noah’s family didn’t have. Remember what happened to the atomic power plant at Fukushima, well all the atomic power plants built all around the world will have exploded and the atomic clouds and ash have covered the earth. Intense atomic radiation is everywhere. It’s inescapable and it will be there for the next 200 to 300 years. Those who flew out of here on the Anunnaki transport ship won’t be back until Earth is liveable again.

On the National Geo channel I’ ve seen many fancy underground bunkers designed and built. Most every one of them had one great fault—no waste disposal, they had to go upside to throw out the garbage. Those designers didn’t consider the fact that Earth will be covered by atomic radiation for hundreds of years. People huddled up in their bunkers can’t go outside. Same goes for those planning on hiding in caves. If they go deep enough they might escape the radiation. But they’ll be better off than the bunker people, if the cave is big enough they’ll have places to stow waste disposal and garbage and they’ll be able to eat the little critters that live underground. (This is what happened to the Anunnaki’s Zeta brothers. Read HISTORY.)

The bottom line is Enki giving me the true history to help all humans to understand who they are so they can return to their reality. Spiritual intelligent humans can use this information to release their egos’ control and increase the energy of their spiritual self and be chosen to go forward to the new Earth. Enki wants to keep the Anunnaki DNA on Earth.

I re-emphasize, if you weren’t chosen by the Anunnaki to fly out of here…you’re dead. Read GOD’S STORY and get ready to be chosen.

Many have asked me if I knew the exact date when the Apocalypse will hit. I tell them the Anunnaki haven’t told me, but Enki took me to 2025 and there were only 250,000 humans on Earth living in an atomic powered world. Everyone had their own space ship home and you could park it anywhere you wanted. You could even travel to other planets. Earth was a very peaceful planet…because there were no attacking egos and their religions. Earth was a paradise again.

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