About Author

Al Bates is a retired commercial illustrator. Born in West Monroe, Louisiana he has a BS from Louisiana Tech and a Masters from The Art Center College of Design in Los Angles. After trying studios in New York, Detroit and Chicago, he settled in Houston serving clients such as Exxon, Gulf, Shell, Dowell and many more. He was married twice and had three children. Wondering why people can’t know true love got him a spiritual out-of-body visit from our Creator, the Anunnaki Scientist Enki, who took him on a trip to see the answer. On the return Enki asked him to write a novel about what he had experienced, true history of humanity and the separation of ego fears from spiritual energy, that being the answer to why people can’t know true love. That knowing also happens to be the key to surviving the Apocalypse. He retired from the art world and taught himself to write. He has written three novels; The Knowing, published by Blue Star Productions,  Guesthouse, unpublished and God’s Story, self published. He also wrote six screenplays along the way, one was optioned by Paramount Studios. All his stories were inspired by his trip with Enki and what he discovered in research since.

GOD’S STORY  is a love story showing how its characters find their spiritual truth and use the spiritual physics technology to qualify for flying the dimensions. The book can be ordered through B&N or any bookstore. There’s still time to find your perfect relationship and qualify for the space trip.


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