My novel GOD’S STORY is a love story. People’s first impression when reading this website, 99.9 % being religious, is that it’s a condemnation of religion. Well, it is that, too. But religion has to be to exposed for the fraud it is and to show you the truth of who you really are, pure spiritual energy so it can be restored to its rightful place as your true self.

I was born into a southern Baptist family and had my ego programmed with the fears of my parent’s religious egos. Then I got a heavy dose from my environment; the church, the schools, the society—everything. Everything, everyone was controlled by religious beliefs. By the time I graduated from high school I was beginning to feel and see there was something wrong and that something was religions. When I went away to college I left the church. I found a few friends who agreed that there was something wrong even in their own religion. Like me, they didn’t know what. In the Army (Korea) I found more to question. This is where I began my research reading about religions and found they were pretty much the same. All of them worshiped some sort of super being god. I began leaning toward the metaphysical and searched for reading material along those lines. When I went to next college in L.A. I found people with many diverse opinions…it was the age of the flower children. When I graduated I tried working in New York, Detroit, Chicago and found I didn’t care for the North and came back South, settled in Houston, married a woman with no curiosity about relationships outside of security and sex. We had three children, I couldn’t take the boredom, met a woman with a little more education and three more children. We couldn’t keep up the lifestyle she wanted. She met a man who was into making MONEY. That appealed to her and she left with him.

Two divorces behind me and still no answer to true love I stepped up my research by going to a so-called spiritual/metaphysical church looking for an answer to how someone can say they loved you but not truly. I was having plenty of sex, but no true love,  no meeting of the minds. And this was where I met the Anunnaki Scientist, Enki. (This story is in my book). He showed me why by separating my spiritual self from my ego self, telling me that the ego just knows what it has been taught to be love, but true love is in our spiritual energy, our truth we were born with. He took my spiritual energy on a trip back in time to  show me why this was. Experiencing the true history of humanity, back before the Bible was written, set me straight on how humans created religions with the Anunnaki as their Gods. Enki wanted me to see the truth about religions, as they are the basis of our ego fears, that which we must eliminate to get back to our spiritual truth. At the end of our trip he asked me to write my novel which eventually became GOD’S STORY (Actually it could’ve been called MY TRAVELS WITH ENKI) showing how to separate the ego from spirit and eliminating ego controls, as this is the key to finding true love.

Enki had shown me how the Anunnaki used the Noah Apocalypse to rid Earth of humans and their religious chaos. He said there is another Apocalypse coming and again all humans and their religious chaos will be eliminated—EXCEPT, the SPIRITUALLY INTELLIGENT. These are the humans who are trying to be spiritual by studying A COURSE IN MIRACLES, which Enki had channeled through Helen Schucman telling how to separate ego from spirit. The book was a text book and  difficult to understand she left the false God in it. So that is why he contacted me—to write a novel showing the true history of humanity with characters separating their ego from their spiritual self and eliminating their ego control. I said I didn’t know how to write a novel. He told me you will learn, the book is already in your future and your name is on it. Your book will be titled GOD’S STORY and it will show how to intensify spiritual energy to its highest level so the spiritual intelligent can travel through the dimensions on the Anunnaki space ships, escape the coming Apocalypse, return and begin a spiritual society on the New Earth.

It took thirty years, but my novel and its screenplay were finished the way Enki wanted. I started the query search for an agent, publisher and producer. I thought they would be excited to get a shot at a story that no one had ever heard of much less written. Wrong. They said it was too intellectual, would have a small audience, would insult and offend religious people and they wouldn’t make any MONEY. They wouldn’t even let me explain all the research that went into writing the novel so I got this website and wrote pages of my research and invited them to read it. I don’t know if any read it, but I began to get many hits from all over the world that eventually added up to 149 countries and many comments, most very good. I sold a few books and got rave reviews, many saying they read my novel many times, before they “got it”. And of course I got comments from those religious egos who questioned my research, but if they like living with a destructive ego so be it, the Anunnaki aren’t going to save them anyway.

Several years ago I was invited to participate on a spiritual website I believe it was called 2 CARE. There were a lot of do-gooder things. Anyway, Deepak Chopra was on it writing a weekly excerpt from one of his books teaching his spiritual beliefs. There was a space for readers’ comments. I had read a few of Deepak’s books and he was one of those spiritual gurus who try to teach using religious beliefs and his teachings weren’t putting anyone on a spiritual path. So I joined in on the comments and correcting Deepak’s religious answers and after several weeks the readers began asking me for the true spiritual answers to their problems. This got to Deepak’s religious ego and he had the 2 CARE website block me from coming on. One of the things I use to explain and understand their spirituality is “spiritual physics”. I tell and show them that their spiritual self/energy is atomic energy and separate from their ego, that their ego is connected to the false religious god and they must get rid of it to become purely spiritual and raise the intensity of their spiritual energy.

A couple of years ago Deepak did a Playboy interview where they asked him what he was working on now. He said he had gotten together with a physicist and they were writing a book on “Spiritual Physics” (Wonder where he got that idea? Could it be that those people on that 2 CARE site were getting more spiritual help from my “spiritual physics” than his religious based spirituality?) I’ve not seen Deepak’s “Spiritual Physics” book. Maybe it’s because he couldn’t get his old religious teachings out of it? I’ve contacted other spiritual gurus: Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Eckart Tolle, Gary Zukav to mention a few, explaining that they couldn’t teach anyone pure spirituality until they got the false God and religious beliefs out of their spiritual message and to do that they’d have to teach the true history of humanity. One of the reasons they won’t get the false  God and religion out of their spiritual message is because they wouldn’t be able to go around to all the churches lecturing and selling their books if they say God and religion is a bunch of crap. They’ve made all their MONEY by lying, now the truth’s going to cost them, their money and their lives.

Enki contacted me, separated my spiritual energy from my ego and took my spirit truth on a trip back in time so I could experience the true history of humanity so I could write it in my novel, GOD’S (ENKI’S) STORY. The religions back when the Anunnaki were on Earth called the Anunnaki Gods. Yes, God and religions are absolutely false. All religions were made up in the beginning with the Anunnaki as its Gods. I can tell you for sure there’s no use praying for God to save you, there’s no one there. You’ll have to save yourself. That’s what YOUR spiritual energy is for. Get it back in control of your life and get your fearful ego out. That’s what GOD’S STORY is about. Read it and learn before it’s too late.



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