Kick your religious ego and get to know your spiritual energy

Too many people believe they’re spiritual if they’ve been to all the seminars and read all the books of the major/famous gurus, such as, to name a few: Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Eckart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Gary Zukav… and all the thousands of little gurus who copy the big gurus. You’re only somewhat spiritual because you know of your spiritual energy. They teach spirituality this way: You are a living body, therefore you have a spirit inside. When in truth spirituality should be taught: You are spiritual energy and you have a body. The big gurus and the many little copying gurus are teaching spirituality with religious overtones. They call that non-denominational, but non-denominational is a denomination. That would make you a nonnie, which means you’re a nothing…you’re not religious or spiritual.

They know better, so why do they do this?To make money!!None of them could get an agent or publisher if they didn’t cater to the large religious audience. They couldn’t hold their seminars or sell their books in churches, or be on Oprah (when she had a show and could promote them). Just like with religions and the gurus you’re not getting the truth about spirituality because they won’t teach the true history of our ancestors, the Anunnaki. If they did the truth would kill religions and their whole financial structure would collapse along with their massive riches.

Jesus’ father had given him the true spiritual message and it was free, which went against the religious message that people had to give an offering. The people of his time didn’t understand him, that the truth was free, but the religious leaders did, and they knew they had to get him off the streets before they believed him. They had him arrested for kicking over the money-changers’ tables. They didn’t know they’d luck out and get him murdered. But what if Jesus had had a book, written all his words down so their meaning couldn’t be changed by the religious leaders. Then his father, the Anunnaki Scientist, Enki, wouldn’t have had to show me the truth and ask me to write the true history in GOD’S STORY.


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