Take a look back at Fukushima all these years later. An earthquake and tsunami that killed 20,000 people and devastated a large section of Japan around the atomic plant and, thankfully, sent an atomic cloud that  drifted out to sea. Today that area is still unlivable and will be for at least ten or more years. There are over 170 more atomic plants around the world, and there are over 100 more planned. Just think of all those atomic clouds. I don’t have to tell you this, you’ve read and heard the reports. What I need to tell you is Fukushima and all the recent major disasters since are just a preview of what’s to come with the coming Apocalypse, just a few years away now.

For many years people have been saying the Apocalypse couldn’t happen, but yet a few keep figuring ways to survive, building underground bunkers, large ships. An Ark like Noah built to survive his Apocalypse won’t work today because of the many atomic power plants all around the planet. With the predicted pole shift, that’s when the Earth’s top crust slides from north to south, the power grid and the atomic power plants go down, exploding and sending out atomic clouds that will cover the world, making Earth unlivable for many years.

When you read the history of humanity you’ll read about Enki’s mistake in creating humans. They were hybrid and that was a good deal, until his Birth Princesses quit on him and he had to go to the Garden of Eden and against his father’s instructions fixed the Eves so they could procreate and got them pregnant. Humans multiplied and as ego humans do created religions. And as ego religions do, they began to fight and fight and fight. This killed the Anunnaki’s spiritual peace on Earth and they began to look for a way to eliminate the humans. AHH! There’s an Apocalypse coming. The Anunnakis decided to use the Apocalypse to rid the Earth of the fighting religious humans, but Enki wanted to save the spiritual human DNA on Earth. Of all the humans he had been trying to teach spirituality, Noah was the “most righteous”, so he told Noah to build the Ark. But it turned out he wasn’t and now we have all the fighting religious ego human’s back on Earth destroying  what little peace we had on Earth. The Anunnaki held Enki responsible. That’s why he’s back on Earth trying to teach spirituality because there is another Apocalypse coming. There are many spiritually intelligent humans on Earth now. You are one of them if you are learning from this website and the GOD’S STORY book. He has talked the Anunnaki Council into saving them if he can teach them how to intensify their spiritual energy to a level that they can be taken aboard the Anunnaki ships and escape the coming Apocalypse. Now you see where this is going…..?

The ONLY way humans can survive the approaching Apocalypse is not to be on planet Earth when it happens. How do we get off you ask? By being airlifted by the Anunnaki in their space ships. Only a selected few, maybe 144,000, the number God/Enki states in Revelation 14: 3. Then there’s another requirement: you must have your spiritual energy at its highest level, close to fourth dimensional, so you can fly through the dimensional radiation to the Anunnakis’  planet, or another plant of their choice. The won’t have space suits for that number. Besides, you’ll need your spiritual energy at that level to spend any extended time on the Anunnaki planet.

The reason for the novel, GOD’S STORY, is to show spiritually intelligent people how to get their spiritual energy to nearly fourth dimensional. First, you must get your ego out of control so you can get full access to your spiritual energy (your truth). Then you can begin to energize your spiritual energy by breathing in as many atoms as possible, sending them into your spiritual energy. So, divorce yourself from all religious beliefs (lies) and get started…we’re running out of time. Get the book, GOD’S STORY, and see how its characters did it.

WHEN WILL THE APOCALYPSE HIT??? Look around. You see all the big disasters happening…the floods, the earthquakes, the volcano eruptions? You hear the survivors saying, “I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve never seen anything like this.” As the disasters get bigger and more devastating the closer the Apocalypse is coming. So get busy and get your spiritual energy to its highest level. You only have a few years. Or maybe you don’t believe Enki’s story until it’s too late….

Enki took me to see the Apocalypse twice and it was just as horrible both times.


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