A true and shocking story for religious egos.

You grew up believing in what your parents told you and your siblings. Did you question where they got all that-so-called truth? Well, they got it from their parents, and their parents got it from their parents, and so on all the way back in time to the Garden of Eden. That’s where Enki fixed the Eves so they could get pregnant. Who is Enki? In the religious fable he was the serpent in the Garden. But in reality he was our Creator and he wore the caduceus as a symbol of his position as the Anunnaki Scientist. Way back about 500,000 years ago when the Anunnaki came to Earth looking for gold, Enki needed workers for the mines and other chores such as servants, field workers and etc. he used his sperm and the egg of a female primate and his sister’s womb to create the first human. And although the Anunnaki were incredibly spiritual they couldn’t teach the new humans their spirituality. So the first humans started out with their very small egos, which they passed on to their children when they had children beyond the Garden of Eden. And those egos gathered a lot fear, hatred and violence mostly from the religions they created and their religious leaders using the Anunnaki as their Gods for the soul purpose of having the humans bring them rich offerings.

As religions do they began to fight over their different beliefs and peace on Earth was shattered…much like it is today. The Anunnaki had to get rid of the religions, but since they were too spiritual to kill them they had to come up with something else…..Ah, yes!! There’s an Apocalypse coming. Perfect! But there was a flaw in their plan…Enki wanted to save the human DNA so he told Noah to build the Ark…..

Well, no use in going into that story again. We’ll just say that religions came back and they’ve gotten worse than ever. And the Anunnaki blamed Enki for the mess. So that’s why Enki has been working to correct his mistake. HE’S BACK!!! There is another Apocalypse coming and there are many spiritually intelligent humans on Earth, due to Enki’s channeling of A COURSE IN MIRACLES, the book that teaches the separation of ego and spiritual energy, the beginning path back to our spiritual truth. As the Apocalypse gets closer there is a need to show the spiritual intelligent humans how to increase the intensity of their energy so that they will be chosen to board the Anunnaki ships safely and travel through the dimemsions’ radiation.  Another book was needed for the final instructions: GOD’S STORY.

Using the history of humanity, GOD’S STORY updates the instructions in the Book of Revelation. It relates how the physics and spirituality that were not understood in Noah’s time can now be applied. Written in novel form, which makes for an easy and exciting read, you see how  the characters in GOD’S STORY bring their spiritual energy up to the required intensity. If you are one of the spiritually intelligent who have read and understand A COURSE IN MIRACLES then Enki meant this book for you. Order it at any B&N, or from Amazon, and get your spiritual energy up to its highest level so you’ll get in the “rapture” and fly out of here on the Anunnaki transport ship. You don’t have much time left. Don’t let religions take you down with the Apocalypse. You have much life to live on a peaceful planet.

The Anunnaki have computers on their pick-up ships that show them that you are one of the spiritual intelligent with the right level of energy. They will give you a breadcake of element 115 with your new name on it (Revelation 2: 17) that will raise your energy level that will let you fly through the dimensions.

Get busy! Read GOD’S STORY!!!!


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