GOD’S STORY – The Book


True story of Our Creator’s return to Earth to save his spiritually intelligent humans from the Apocalypse.

By Al Bates

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The true story of humanity’s history will shock the religious world, but it is the only way to help deeply religious people to know their spiritual realities/energy again. I say again because all of us were born with a universal spiritual energy (atoms). Then our earthly egos were created/programmed by our new family’s ego fears, which blocked our knowing the truth and power of our spiritual energy, that great cluster of atomic energy within. Religions are at the top of the list of those ego fears that destroys a truly loving spiritual life on Earth. The truth of our history way before the Bible was written is a beginning theme in GOD’S STORY. How and why the Anunnaki, our Creators. arrived on the pristine Earth explains much of what happened before and after.

Five hundred thousand years ago the highly spiritual fourth dimensional Anunnaki came to Earth to mine gold and ship it back to their home planet, Nibiru.  For two hundred fifty thousand years things were going great, until the Anunnaki miners tired of working underground, quit. To get his African mines back online the Anunnaki Scientist, Enki used his sperm, the egg of a female primate and his sister, Ninhursag’s womb to birth the first hybrid Neanderthal human. (All humans are children of the Anunnaki, Enki being their father. Take a look in the mirror. We look like the Anunnaki and we all retained the primate strand in our DNA.) They created another, a female. Enki called them Adam and Eve, the first of a human labor force. Enki talked a bevy of Anunnaki women into volunteering their wombs for the cause and they began turning out hybrid Neanderthal humans. Enki’s Father was pleased with the humans, but made Enki promise never to give these humans the right of procreation, for their egos’ low intelligence would destroy peace on Earth.

Eventually, the Anunnaki women tired and quit, leaving Enki with a need for more workers. Ignoring the promise to his Father, Enki went to his Garden of Eden labs, fixed the hybrid females working there and impregnated them. When his Father saw what Enki had done he turned the humans out of the Garden hoping they wouldn’t survive own their own. The humans survived by finding gold and offered it to the Anunnaki for peace and contentment. The practice led to the first religious rituals and worshiping the Anunnak as their religions’ Gods. The Anunnaki are the Gods in all religious beliefs.

Eventually ego fears caused chaos amongst the humans and destroyed the Anunnaki’s paradise on Earth as Enki’ Father had warned. Enki tried teaching his humans their spiritual truth, but they lacked the intelligence to understand spiritual physics. The Anunnaki Council voted that the humans must be eliminated. Being too spiritual to kill, the answer to their problem arrived with the next orbit of their home planet, Nibiru, between Mars and Jupiter. At this time Mars would not be blocking the incredible gravity wave Nibiru pushed and it would rock Earth causing an Apocalypse of massive floods and earthquakes that would cover the Earth and killing all the humans. Enki wanted to save his “most righteous” humans, Noah’s family, to restart a spiritual society on Earth. He told Noah to build the Ark and when he saw the light in the east to put the animals from the Garden and his family on it and seal it. Enki kept them alive until Earth recovered. However, Noah’s family proved not to be spiritual and religions returned.

Enki tried teaching spiritual truth to Moses, but his ego took over and blocked his understanding of Enki’s Ten Commandments.  Enki figured an earthly son with no religious ego could grasp understanding spirituality. Through vitro Enki fathered Jesus with Mary and when he wanted to know why religions had so many questionable ways Enki taught him spirituality. Jesus learned quickly and his teachings were getting more results than religious leaders could bear and wanted him off the streets. His ego attacking the money-changers gave them a way and Jesus’ spiritual message was eliminated. Religious chaos has continued to rule to this day.

The Anunnaki saw there would be another Apocalypse soon (they come around every 3600 years) and another chance to eliminate Earth’s religious humans. Enki knew many of his humans had become much more spiritually intelligent and could understand their spirituality. He channeled the text of A COURSE IN MIRACLES to Helen Schucman, which teaches how to separate ego from spirit, the first steps in learning of your  spirituality. Enki went to the Anunnaki Council and told them that there are now many spiritually intelligent humans on Earth and he wanted to save them to start over after the Apocalypse. The Council agreed and told him; if he could find at least 144,000 spiritual humans (Revelation 7: 4-8) who could increase the intensity of their spiritual energy to a level that would allow them to travel through the dimensions then they will be airlifted and returned to begin a spiritual society on Earth.

Enki returned to Earth to find a human to help him teach spiritual physics. He showed up in my bedroom as I was meditating over love versus true love. Enki took my spiritual self out of my body and showed me my answer, “The difference is ego versus spirit, and ego love is the lesser false love, while spiritual love is the greatest true love. Come, I will show you why that is.” With that we went zipping back in time to when the Anunnaki came to Earth. Enki showed me all the history and then brought me back. Enki asked me to write a book about what I had seen and experienced, not non-fiction like A COURSE IN MIRACLES, but a novel with a story that will make it easier to help humans to defeat ego control and understand how to release their spiritual energy and increase its energy through pure atomic energy of the universe.

After much researching, I came up with a story that Enki approved. There’s a NASA psychiatrist and his wife; a NASA project engineer and his live-in feature writer; an astrophysicist; Enki and his spaceship; a rancher and his wife; a female astronaut; a female painter and her mysterious lover; a couple of Generals with a Blue Beret unit from Area 51. All the characters have a part to play in showing how spiritual physics is easy to understand and how it works in relationships and space travel.

That’s what GOD’S STORY is about learning the true history of humanity and how to get the spiritual intelligent humans safely off the planet and bringing them back. It’s straight out of the Book of Revelation 1: 1–3, take the true spiritual message to the churches, while the key to being chosen is in 2: 17. Most of the true history is here in this preview, the rest of it is in my book. What you must do to prepare and qualify to fly on the Anunnaki ships is in my book. You get to see the characters go through the process and fly on Enki’s ship to see the Apocalypse. And most of all you learn the final use of the element 115. If you want to escape the Apocalypse you must follow these instructions or you won’t be chosen.

GOD’S STORY is a love story. You get to see how the characters find their true love. You can order the book through any B&N. Order yours and get busy. Time is running out for the spiritually intelligent to do what they came here to do. Research and References are listed in the back of the book with author’s comments.

Al Bates

     Al Bates – Author
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One response to “GOD’S STORY – The Book

  1. Jeff Whittaker

    This is all so interesting I have ordered your book. I am wondering if the Anunnaki have a story about the creation of the universe.
    If it’s in the book, God’s Story, I will soon know.


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