GOD’S STORY – The Book


True story of Our Creator’s return to Earth to save his spiritually intelligent humans from the Apocalypse.

By Al Bates

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The true story of humanity’s history will shock the religious world, but it is the only way to help deeply religious people to know their spiritual realities/energy again and save their lives from the Apocalypse . I say again because all of us were born with a universal spiritual energy (pure atoms). Then our earthly egos were created/programmed by our new family’s ego fears, which blocked our knowing the truth and power of our spiritual energy, that great cluster of atomic energy that was born within our new bodies. Religions are at the top of the list of those ego fears which destroys a truly loving spiritual life on Earth. This novel is about how I found out about our truth.

The title is GOD’S STORY. I’ll say its genre is a love story. That’s how it begins then it becomes much, much more. It’s our Creator’s history of creating humanity, which changes everything and how he plans to save his spiritually intelligent humans from the coming Apocalypse and bring them back to Earth to begin a spiritual peaceful world.

Bryan Mayfield, NASA psychiatrist was working in his home study evaluating potential astronauts’ applications when his wife, Cheryl’s extension rang. He answered and got a hang up. Then Cheryl arrived home from her job at a home construction company. When she got to their bedroom her phone rang and she answered. Bryan picked up the extension again and heard a man’s voice say he loved her and Cheryl say she loved him, too. Bryan hurried down to the bedroom and asked her why she had said that? Cheryl said she really didn’t love him like she did Bryan. She explained that the man was teaching her to be a builder and didn’t want to turn him off.

Early the next morning Bryan was lying awake in bed next to a sleeping Cheryl wondering…just how strong was their love. What’s the difference between love and true love…ZIP…his spiritual energy/self was out of his body, facing a giant glowing being. Bryan glanced around, Cheryl still in the bed asleep. “Did I just die and you’re God?” The being said, “No, and I’m not God. I’m Enki, the Anunnaki Scientist, and this is your answer:  Ego love is there in your body, true spiritual love is now here with me. Unfortunately, they’re that way in all humans, the ego in charge, the spiritual reality shoved in a corner. Come, I’ll show you why the difference…

They flash back in time, 500,000 years to the Anunnaki coming to Earth, finding gold, building mining camps and cities. History of humanity unfolded around them, miners finally going on strike, Enki creating hybrid Neanderthal human workers using his sperm and the egg of a female primate. Anunnaki women volunteering their wombs and turning out many human workers before also quitting.  Desperately needing more workers Enki  fixed the female humans working in the Garden of Eden and got them pregnant, something his father had told him never to do as their Earth’s spiritual paradise would be destroyed by the human egos. His father kicked the pregnant females and the males out of the Garden hoping they wouldn’t survive…but they did.

Fearing the Anunnaki’s super fourth dimensional powers the humans created religions to worship them as Gods bringing them gold as peace offerings. As human egos do, they began fighting. The Anunnaki sought a way to rid Earth of humans. They saw the gravity wave being pushed by Nibiru, their home planet, in its next orbit would rock Earth causing an Apocalypse, killing all the humans. Enki wanted to save his most spiritual humans, so he thought, Noah’s family, telling Noah to build the Ark. However, they weren’t as spiritual as Enki had thought and religions remained on Earth with the Noahs.

Flashing back to Bryan’s bedroom, Cheryl still asleep, Enki said another Apocalypse was coming soon, but now there were spiritually intelligent humans on Earth due to his channeling his first book, A Course In Miracles. Enki asked Bryan to  write a novel about what he had experienced on their trip with instructions on how to eliminate an ego’s control and increase the intensity of true spiritual energy to a level that would allow humans to fly safely through the dimensions on the Anunnaki ships, survive the Apocalypse and return.

Enki told Bryan that he created all the problems humans are having on Earth and he wanted that put in his novel and screenplay. “You saw me create humans and you saw me create their egos when I created parents just outside the Garden of Eden. Parents were suppose to teach their children about their true spiritual self the energy they were born with. They didn’t and all the problems on Earth have been caused by humans’ egos.

Enki put Bryan’s spiritual energy/truth back in his body and was gone.

Cheryl couldn’t believe Bryan’s adventure. At NASA he tells his friend, John Sherman, Shuttle Project manger and also leader of the local UFO Club. John knows of the Anunnaki and invites Bryan to browse his vast library on aliens and the government. Myra Bennett, John’s partner, a freelance journalist, balding from chemo, offers to help Bryan write his novel. Bryan borrows some of John’s books and begins to write his novel.

John introduces Bryan to Rich Calder, former physicist from Area 51, about doing back-engineering on alien space craft propulsion systems. Calder tells them about the element 115 fuel on the alien ships. Then he tells  about this farmer who found some white powder in his plowed field that disappeared when he stirred it with a stick and returned when stirring the same area. The farmer took the powder to UT where the physicist there called him in. Calder tested the powder and said the powder had all the minerals found in element 115. Calder said it was residue from an alien craft. John said it sounded like the white powder they found on a returning Shuttle they called “angel dust”. John asked Calder to test it. They did and the “dust” was element 115 residue. John asked Calder to come to NASA and make the element 115 mix, proof of aliens at Area 51. Calder agrees and brings along a former computer expert from Area 51, Deidra Shuller, to help.

While John, Calder and Deidra work on the 115 mix at NASA, Myra gets a call from rancher Roland that there is a space ship on his ranch. She, John and Bryan race for the ranch knowing Area 51 CO General Calvin Colson was watching the space ship on NORAD satellite monitors and was already scrambling choppers to find it. Choppers overhead, Roland takes the trio to the space ship that is wedged between three large oak trees. John talks Roland into hiding the ship in his barn. Colson hears about Calder’s success with the 115 mix and heads to NASA to try and take it without incident. Colson doesn’t get the mix.

John, Bryan and Myra, the trio, go to the ranch/barn every night trying to open the space ship. Practicing for the next Shuttle flight, astronaut Mardi Byrd asks John when they’ll fly ships like the aliens’. He tells her first she has to know spiritual physics and sends her to Bryan. He remembers her and her husband’s applications for astronauts, she made it, he didn’t. Mardi reads Bryan’s book on spiritual physics.

Calder and John set a news conference for the 115 mix. Colson hears about it, gets a Blue Beret team and goes back to NASA to get their mix. John gets a call from Karen Coe, an artist living on West Beach, offering to tell him about her UFO abduction. He says yes and sets a date.

A near lightning strike opens the space ship and the trio cautiously enter and see that it is too complicated for them to fly. While waiting for its owner to return, they search for the real 115 fuel. Karen comes to John’s to tell her story. When Karen and Bryan meet their strong spiritual energies grab on. Karen tells the trio she was on the space ship in spirit only, same as Bryan was on Enki’s. Karen invites Bryan to her West Beach home to meet her friend David. Colson and his Blue Berets sneak into NASA and take Calder’s 115 mix back to Area 51. An upset Calder has to call off his news conference.

The trio finds the element 115 fuel in the ship and asks Ethel if she knows how to bake bread. John and Myra get baking ingredients while Bryan goes to West Beach. He and Karen walk on the beach getting to know each other. Back at her house Bryan meets David and his stronger spiritual energy makes strange things happen. David is aware of Karen and Bryan’s spiritual and sexual attraction and plays with their sexual energies.

Ethel and Myra make the bread. John gets two cups of 115 from the ship, puts one cup in the bread mix and the other in a baggie. They put two pans of bread mix in the oven and wait in the barn while they bake. When they return to the kitchen the oven is gone. John stirs where the oven was and the oven returns with the bread. John and Myra eat slices of the bread like it says in Revelation 2: 17, but Roland and Ethel refuse under the strange happenings. The following morning John and Myra are feeling incredible, Myra’s cancer is gone. At NASA John puts the baggie of real 115 where Calder had hidden his missing mix in the lab. Calder finds it and is ecstatic to have his 115 mix back. He, John and Deidra test it and see it is stronger. Calder wants to test it on the Shuttle mock-up at a news conference. Deidra calls Colson and tells him about Calder’s new mix and he heads back to NASA with his Blue Berets. John and Myra meet Bryan for lunch and give him his portion of the bread. Bryan tells them about David’s spiritual powers. John says he’s taking his boat out the next day and Bryan invites Karen and David to come along for a picnic. Bryan also invites Mardi to come along and to dinner at his place that night. He serves her spaghetti with the bread. They have incredible spiritual sex that night.

Back at NASA, Colson can’t find Calder and his 115. Deidra tells Colson Calder is to test his 115 on the Shuttle mock-up the next day. Colson figures the 115 is the real thing and it had to come from a space ship and John knows where it is. He and the Blue Berets follow John and Myra the next morning to the marina and John’s boat the Star Mist and watch Bryan, Mardi, Karen and David come aboard and shove off. Colson and his Blue Berets rent a cabin cruiser and follow the Star Mist into the Bay. Halfway across the Bay Colson sees the Star Mist vanish convincing Colson that John has the 115 aboard.

The Star Mist drifts into a beautiful lagoon. The crew ties up at a pier and go ashore. Walking through the thick jungle, looking at all the beautiful plants, trees and animals, Bryan recognizes the place as the Garden of Eden and it is verified when they run into Enki. He takes them to see his labs where they meet the female primate “Lucy” who he used to create the first Neanderthal humans. Enki tells them that the boat going through the dimensions was his first test to see if eating the 115 bread intensified their spiritual energies enough that humans could pass through the dimensions safely. Enki sends them back to the Star Mist, through the dimensions and back into the Bay. Colson and his Berets meet the Star Mist at the marina, search them and the boat without finding the 115.

Colson sets two Berets to follow John and Myra, two to follow David and Karen. John and Myra finally figure that David is Enki. They get Bryan and Mardi and head to Karen’s to confront him. David tells Karen he must go to Austin and leaves with the two Berets following. Colson has also figured David is the alien and tells the Berets not to let David out of their sight. John, Myra, Bryan and Mardi arrive at Karen’s and she tells them David has gone to Austin. John says no, he’s going to his ship. With Karen they pile back into John’s SUV and with the Berets following they race for the ranch. Colson and a Beret go to watch Calder and Deidra test his 115 on the Shuttle mock-up. After Calder’s success the Beret takes Calder’s 115 and he and Colson join the race for the ranch planning to capture the alien and ship.

David loses his Berets and arrives at the ranch as Enki to the surprise of Roland and Ethel. John, Bryan, Myra, Mardi and Karen arrive at the ranch to find Roland and Ethel in the barn talking to Enki. John tells Enki Colson and his Berets are right behind them and he must leave. Enki said he can’t fly his ship unless it is in the place where they found it. They began to move the ship as Colson and the Berets come in and stop them. Enki presses a button on his belt and a blue ray shoots from his ship and freezes Colson and his Berets. The group continues to move the ship when Mardi asks Enki, since they passed his test, they want a ride to see the coming Apocalypse? Enki thinks it over before saying okay. They return the ship to the trees. All go aboard and within minutes they are watching the Apocalypse destroying Earth. It’s too horrible for them to watch and they ask Enki to take them home. Enki takes them back to the ranch and tells them to get his message to the spiritually intelligent and leaves.

GOD’S STORY was self-published through Amazon. Most of it is true starting with my trip back in time with Enki. Enki also took the Apostle John to see the Apocalypse and told him to write about it in Revelation, including the 115 bread cakes in 2: 17. Actually, all of Revelation is about taking the spiritual message to the churches, which is what I’m trying to do with my novel. They don’t want to believe it because it would put an end to their ruse and the money. The truth would be known and there would be a spiritual peace on Earth.

Up to now my website and novel are being read in 151 countries strictly by word of mouth on the Internet. I get emails from all over the world. Some spiritual comments:  “Couldn’t put it down, took me 33 hours.” “Read your incredible novel 3 times before I ‘got it’.” “I’ve learned more from GOD’S STORY than from any book I’ve ever read.” Typical religious comments, “Interesting, but I still believe in God, Heaven and Hell.”

GOD’S STORY is about what’s wrong with the world…egos and religions. It’s about showing people their spiritual truth/energy and what life can be without their ego control. It’s about the difference between love and true love. It’s about how to intensify spiritual energy to a level to be chosen to fly through the dimensions on the Anunnaki ships, surviving the Apocalypse and returning to begin a spiritual peaceful world.

The page, “What’s it all about, Al B, what’s it all about…” will tell you how you got your ego and who gave it to you. A must read to get rid of your ego and discovery of your true spiritual self.

GOD’S STORY can be ordered from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Al Bates

     Al Bates – Author
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2 responses to “GOD’S STORY – The Book

  1. Sandra Fincher

    I love this book and everything it’s about.

  2. Hello Al. I contacted you few months ago regarding your comment “black people being stupid etc etc” You did not answer me though… You did answer me 2 years ago, by saying “You are ruining you life, just like the rest” and it was an eye opening comment, thanks for that,

    Anyway, Forget about the “stupid black comment” question . Yes, many are dumb down, just like the rest. Many are in they comfort zones, reading deepak chopra, echart tolle (ok stuff here and there), and not progressing, for now at least. They have fallen in love with the world.

    Anyway I am currently under a gang stalking episode. Something Gods story books was also about as well… I wish these stalker people all the best regarding their own lives, and redeeming themselves from demonic posessions…

    Do you still see a flood coming within this 10 years or so, if not earlier? Al Bates, I hope you are not a Bot or an Artificial intelligence… I admire people of your age who have done spiritual work. But there are also so many fakes out there. I only have trust in your material because you have remained obscure.

    I see Nothing wrong with your work. Perhaps a small innocent dismissive element regarding the 60 000 year lasting Negroid/Nubian pharaoh based civilizations in Egypt, denied by Hollywood occultism and many other people who are into Ancient Egypt, and obsessed to ruin its Kemetian/Egyptian (“black land”) origins which even Plato and Greek scholars from old times were part of consciously or unconsciously… Even the sphinx is a greek name. The real one is Horemakuti…

    Let me know what is up. I saw a “star ship” very far in distance after my trip to Egypt pyramids and luxor. I saw it few times in europe too. But I am under some kind of gang stalking episode of life right now, so it is tough to stay focused star gazing. I do not even want to be special, I have lost everything so why this crap now? Any word of wisdom appreciated.


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